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Yokohama Tires

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I've been running these Yokohama tires on my 2002 XLT for about 48K miles now. I think they have one more winter left in them. Got a pretty good deal on them, as I recall. I was leaning toward getting a set of General Grabbers for my Explorer based on reviews from others, but the tire place near me had these on sale, I think.

They have been decent - pretty quiet on the freeway and good for everyday driving. Had them on some light offroad terrain a few times and they were fine. Not what I would call an aggressive tire, though.

I live in the land of snow and ice, and I will say that they seem a bit lackluster in deeper snow, particularly if it's slushy. Fine if there's just a dusting, but that's not usually the case around here. With 4WD though, I don't really have any problems.

The link you posted above shows what I think is a very good price for these, especially if you include the rebate - $472 for a set of 4 seems good. Keep in mind you'll have to pay for installation. I think I paid about $600 for tires, disposal, installation, and tax a few years back.

Thanks for the reply. I made an appointment at a local STS for Thursday. The manager I spoke to said she would match the price and that they could fix my "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault"

I paid $536 for my Firestone Destination A/T 265/70/16.

Then I sold three of the old tires (cheap 265/70/16 h/t) for $20. The Previous owner popped a tire and got a cheap a/t put on that was much newer than the other 3 tires and I put that on the spare. Its a tight fit with a 265/70/16 in place of the original 245/70/16. But it fits :D

Update: I ended up NOT getting the Yokohama's. Instead I purchased the Michelin LTX M/S P245/65R17. Since Michelin started the new rebate program and I got STS to price match PepBoys I spent the extra $$ and got the better tire.


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Very good tire,also check out General Tire Grabber.

For my '05 Explorer before the winter, I'm thinking about picking up a type of Goodyear Wranglers.

I have to say, I paid a pretty penny for these tires. So far with 700 miles on them they are the best tires I have ever driven on.