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Yomie's D30 SAS

Ok i figured i would go ahead and post this in the projects because i am already starting to gather up my parts.

I will be going with a HP D30 out of a '94 YJ, i will try to go ahead an list everything i am going with here

'94 HP D30(YJ) (in garage)
TJ alloy axle shafts (1 piece) (decided to hold off on these)
4.56 gears, powertrax
'79 Waggy springs and shackles, SOA
'94 Explorer Steering pump AND box
22" Stainless brake lines (RE1550) (on order)

SOA in the rear with blocks

PLease post any questions here if you have any

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OMG REGGIE!!! THAT LOOKS SOOOO AWESOME!!! I mean I seen your truck before in person and I thought it looked very badass, but now it has just taken a turn for the straight nasty!!! I wish I was back there to see it firsthand. Kind of in the desert now though. Man that looks very very tough like that. BTW is that blue oval on the front of your truck the one I gave ya or is it a different one??? If it is the one I gave ya then it is the only thing that survived from my old truck. lol. Your truck seriously makes me want a 4 wheel drive soo bad! Looks very nice. When I get back to the states here in a few years maybe I will be able to see how much it has progressed by then even. I am still planning on buying a house up north of Oneill Rd. there. But that will be a while from now. Well man take it easy and have fun! :D

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Damn Robert, if ya do come back here lemme know! Thanks man. Oh yeah the blue Oval IS the one off your Red Explorer, i forgot about that. So there is a part of your truck still alive, and i am honored to have it be a part of my new Beast!

As far as the steering box goes, i used some DOM to sleeve the frame and some steel plate on the inside of the frame, thats it. Have you done any extra reinforcing of the frame there?

RFR they are just so cheap i gotta get them for now. When i get more money i will buy a good set of tires for the mud, and wear the Mickey's down on the street

No reinforcing on my frame. I wish he would have put a little bit of something there. Oh well, maybe a project for down the road, lol!

Sweet. I wish i had the money to do this. Im gonna start small, with some 32's and a 3 inch body lift. Oh well, it looks great!

Im looking to do pretty much the same thing as you. Ive got a 2000 sport. My buddy gave me a hp dana 30 thats set up for sprung over and another d30 that has the stronger u joints. He also gave me the tierod and most all of the other components including waggy leafs( he was going to do the swap himself in his 4runner but ended up putting in a toyota axle). I picked up a steering box out of a first gen for 20 bucks. So far im only 20 dollars into this project and ive got more than half the stuff i need. lol. Just have a couple quick questions. Did you need to shim the rear when you did the soa or lengthen your driveshaft? Also i live in NH so my bumpers need to stay below 30 1/2 and i was jw what yours sit at with the 36's on? And lastly What did you do for a front driveshaft? Im sorry for all the questions but any help would be great. I will be doing the swap in may when im out of school and dont need the truck everyday...Thanks

i wish pictures from these old threads still worked

Give me a week or so and I'll see what I can find!

im still doing the dana 30 vs 44 debate in my head, cant decide. Truck will be a DD for awhile, tires wont be bigger than 33 but i say that now...
and i have a light foot , no locker planned for the near future