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Yostyexplorer94's 1994 Explorer Registry


I got this explorer back in 2004 when I was 15 from my mom. It had a blown transmission that I had to get replaced. Since then I have modified it. The only bolts I haven't turned would be on the original motor.

This picture was taken when I spend most of my day washing and waxing it with McGuire's 3 step wax system.... boy did it shine!


Stock sized BF Goodrich All Terrains & a brush guard from a 1998 - 2000 Ford Ranger


3" body lift and a home built bumper


New BF Goodrich 33"x10.5-r15's


Put bigger tires on it (35" Super Swampers LTB's)


A broken front axle shaft resulted in a solid axle swap. Click here for the Solid Axle Swap build thread!

Changed my grill to a ranger one!


37" tires, rock sliders, and a winch


1994 Ford Explorer Specs
  • 1979 f150 Dana 44 Front Axle
  • 1989 F150 Ford 8.8 Rear Axle
  • Wheels & Tires
    • Dirty Life Canyon Race Matte Black
      • First torque 10 - 14 ft lbs
      • Final torque 18 - 24 ft lbs
    • Cooper STT Pro 37x12.50r17
      • 12oz Airsoft BBs each
  • 1991-1994 Ford Explorer Front Driveshaft (Front & Rear)
    • Front: explorer front lengthed. Double cardan (non greasable) centering ball spicer 10018440
    • Rear: adams driveshaft 1310 joints. Double cardan centering ball (greasable) spicer 10018465
  • Behemoth Drivetrain 1354 Doubler
  • 1990 Ford Econoline E-150 Saginaw Power Steering Pump
    • Yost Offroad Bracket
    • 1990 Ford Econoline E-150 High Pressure Line
    • 1994 Ford Explorer Return Line
  • 3g Ford Alternator
    • Front Bearing 6303 RS
    • Rear Bearing 6000-2RS
  • Speedometer Cable – Ford Aerostar - Atp part # y-869 speedo cable
  • Steering Fix Bushing – JCRoffroad.com Part # PLYBSH
  • Ruff stuff bushings: DAY MO2153 1.5"od x 3/4"id
  • Tie Rod End Part # ES2233L, ES2234R, ES2234R, ES2027L
  • Body mounts
    • Rad support:
    • A pillar:
    • B pillar:
    • C pillar: energy susp. 9.4104G
    • Rear: energy susp. 9.4104G
  • Brakes
    • Front
      • 1979 f150 factory brake setup
      • Brake Caliper Hoses
        • 1979-1987 GM 3/4 Ton (Skyjacker Part #FBL17 with Skyjacker Part #38AB Square Banjo, Angled)
      • Frame to axle hose
        • 1980-1996 f150 rear hose (Skyjacker RBL80)
    • Rear
      • 1989 f150 factory brake setup
      • Frame to axle hose
        • 1980-1996 f150 rear hose (Skyjacker RBL80)
  • Parking Brake Part #’s
    • Intermediate Cable # 1994 explorer drivers side rear
    • Driver Side Cable # 1989 F150 drivers side rear
    • Passenger Side Cable # 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee passenger rear
  • Old Man Emu by ARB CS042R
    • Front spring eye bushing RB-237
    • Rear spring eye bushing RB-131
  • U-bolt 8" X 3 1/4" X 10" Barnes 150 lb ft
  • Rear homemade below the frame mount shackle hanger
    • Bushing m02240
  • Shocks
    • Front Part #
      • A2060 – ADX 2.0 Adventure Series Remote Reservoir Aluminum Monotube Shock
      • Monroe 34687
        • Compressed 18"
        • Extended 31"
    • Rear Part #
      • Monroe 34672
        • Compressed 14.25"
        • Extended 23"
  • Manifold/Header bolt is 8mmX1.25 thread (Both Sides)
    • 75mm / Quantity: 8
    • 45mm / Quantity: 4
  • Y pipe to the manifold is 12mmx1.75 thread (Both Sides)
    • 50mm / Quantity: 4
  • M5OD Bellhousing Bolts
    • These are grade 10.9 bolts
      • top four bolts : 10-1.5x60mm
      • middle two bolts : 10-1.5x70mm
      • bottom two bolts: 10-1.5x75mm
  • Thermostat housing bolts
    • 6mm x 1.00
  • The part numbers for the metal plugs are Dana #219-3052 or Dorman #555-108 and as was mentioned you need three plugs to do the job.
  • 5-760 Joint full circle snap ring lot # 123050a item # dsh-30stpa
  • Winch rope retainer bolt
    • M6x1.0
    • Length 1.2mm
    • 4mm hex key head

Factory explorer manual hub oring
  • Napa # 727-2153

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1979 F150 Dana 44 torque specs

Radius arm caps 90 - 110 ft lbs
Lower spring seat to radius arm 45 - 55 ft lbs

Ball Joints in this order:
Bottom: 70 to 90 ft. lbs.
Sleeve: 40 ft. lbs.
Top: 90 ft. lbs. Then tighten to align cotter pin never loosen

Pull test: No less than 10 lbs. No more than 26 lbs.

To do the pull test tie a small rope through the tie rod hole on the knuckle
and used a digital fish scale to test the pull weight.

Wheel bearings: Tighten the bearing adjusting nut to 50 ft. lbs. While rotating back and forth. Then back off 90 degrees or a 1/4 turn. (I back off about 1/8 a turn) Torque the outer nut to 80 to 100 ft. lbs.

Tie rod ends: 45 ft. lbs. to 60 ft. lbs.

Spindle to knuckle bolts: 40 ft. lbs.

Here's the ex with bfg all terrains 235/75/r15s, lift shackles, and a brush guard made for a 1998 - 2000 ranger I just modified the brackets a little to fit on there


A before and after picture


Playing around in the snow


This picture here I decided to back up onto this bank.... I was dang close to that tree let me tell you! You can see the spot I fixed on the door from the accident. I plan on taking all the strip molding off eventually here


Custom Built Bumper & Brush Guard

I took up arc welding and decided to make a bumper / brush guard / deer slayer?? :eek:

Started out like this


The brush guard build up


I gave it all a couple coats of rustoleum primer and gloss black


Ended up like this I will take a better picture and post it up then


I also posted these in this section show us your custom bumpers!! so I figured I would post them in my registry so they are here with everything else

hey there yosty i got aim if u wanna chat sometime my sn is pimpin01xplrsprt.

feel free to im me i am online almost everyday.

rear bumper/body lift

Hey sam thanks for the compliment earlier. I don't get on aim much but the next time I get on I will have to send an i/m your way

I put a 3 inch body lift on the ex. Didn't get any pictures during the installation though.
Here are pictures of the rear bumper I built and the results of the 3 inch body lift.

Oh yeah I weld in a t-shirt... thats how I roll, HA!





I was talking to a friend from school outside of auto zone the other day. He asked me what for suspension lift I put on this cause we were standing behind the explorer looking at this bumper. I smiled and replied its a 3 inch body lift!

Here it is with the body lift. Now I plan to put a coil spacer on and 31 inch bfg's and I am done modifying this for a while. (so i think!)


i tried to friend request u on myspace but it says i need to know ur e-mail or last name. But here is my myspace so u can add me.


I got a picture of it with the washers(stacked 1" thick and welded) I put under the coil seats to level the front with the rear. I am going for an alignment today hopefully it turns out ok!



I took the exploder to the alignment shop today. They told me that it would take about 3 hours to install the new camber bushings and get it lined up so I am taking it back to them Thursday morning. The guy said it would be around 240 dollars total. Does anyone know if that is a reasonable price? I put my own ball joints in it before so I know it is a ***** getting those camber adjusters out. I have the 1 inch washer spacers under the coil seats. So i would have around 245 dollars into this and my front end sits level with the lifted rear. I don't think that is too bad. any opinions?

looks good so far

Alignment Completed!

I got my alignment done today by More than tires in Carlisle, Pa. They did a great job. $165 got me two new installed camber bushings and the toe in aligned. I am really pleased with their customer service and quality work! That will be the place where I will purchase my new tires too.


Yeah you do have a nice Sploder yea its pretty close to mine im still updateing my sploder. I have been wheeling the **** out of mine at rausch creek i go alot down there and i have a ball. Some time you will have to join me at rausch i go all year round bur het my Aim Is Feonix1123 Keep in touch.

Only thing that bites is im not a welder and i dont have cutting tools so it sucks LOL. but its okay



I got around to taking the door strip molding off.

I still am looking into bigger tires for it.... can't make up my mind what I want!

I got around to taking the door strip molding off. Here is some pictures of the results.


I still am looking into bigger tires for it.... can't make up my mind what I want!

33 or 35 inch tires bud i think that will rock Im running 33's and i love it but My Gas Went To **** LOL And my gearing is the same so its kida rough on my clutch. im also going to be installing 35's on my next set ofr wheels.

Looks good man. We need to get you down to the off road park in Pine grove to see that Ex. LOL im going after xmas with my Group.

Finally Rollin' 33's 33x10.50's

From reading up on 33's and 3.73 gears I was a little scared I would loose alot of power. It isn't as quick as it used to be but hey it isn't supposed to be a race car. There isn't a whole lot of difference power wise and it definitely isn't as bad as a lot of people put it! I use low range more and keep her in Drive unless I am on the highway then I bump it into overdrive. I am 100% happy with 33's and I didn't have to trim anything. There is not the slightest bit of rubbing!







My next project on this vehicle is to tackle the gears... Looking at 4.56's and lockers. Time and money will tell!

Good Deal Bud

I would save ur money bud and do a solid and a rear 9inch bud.

I wanted to do the the gears but damn thats alot of money for that ex when the axle is not all that great.

Well keep us updated bud


yeah i agree with the gearing. i have stock 3.73 gears and 33's and i thought it was going to be hell..... but its not bad at all. i still have alot of get up and go

Good Deal Bud

I would save ur money bud and do a solid and a rear 9inch bud.

I wanted to do the the gears but damn thats alot of money for that ex when the axle is not all that great.

Well keep us updated bud


I would really love to do a solid axle swap but I have a good many spare parts for the dana 35. I feel it is more than sufficient for what I do and plus its already there lol.

I do have everything I need to regear now. 4.56 ring and pinions and master install kits for both ends. A detroit replacement carrier locker that will get set up in the rear. For the front I went with the power trax lock right. I can't wait!

nice explorer...when u took the door moldings off..was it just tape or was there little holes to fill in??been wanting to do it to my 92

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it should just be tape.. but let me tell ya, its a pain to peel those moldings off. take your time and have fun getting the excess adhesive off of the paint!

yosty.. your truck is lookin good, are those 33x10.50s?