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Yostyexplorer94's Hybrid Roll Cage

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Might ask the Mrs, if you can take some time for that, so you can get it all painted before it rusts on ya.

As John Snow says... WINTERS COMING.

I just saw this. I painted it as it was for the rust reason.

I was very unhappy with my b pillar placement. I couldn't put my seat back the whole way so I have been somewhat cramped since the cage install.

I cut the b pillar hoop completely out and relocated it further back. I initially wanted to keep the ability to put the rear seats back in and I placed it over the body mount in case I never tie into the frame. Now I have it placed where I can tie into the frame easier and there will be no leg room for the back seats. I removed the rear seat belts too so it is pretty finalized now.

I have plenty of leg room up front now and that is nice! I did not take any pictures of the progress. I still have to tie it into the upper seat belt mount on the pillar for added support and would like to tie into a lower portion of the b pillar sometime.


I like how you bolted the basket to the cage with the pads. That’s a good idea.

Thanks. I got the idea from xj hybrid cage build threads and pictures I found online.

I moved the B pillar back again at the beginning of the year. The leg room still wasn't enough. I made extension plates for the inside top that will tie it in better when I fix the outside.

The A pillar is finally finished.

20230311_012851 - Copy.jpg