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YOU make the call....


March 31, 2001
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Knoxville, TN
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1999 Explorer SOHC
I've just purchased a Kenwood MP-8017 deck with 40wx4 (22w RMS). It supposedly has a built in crossover. I am about to upgrade the door speakers. I also have an Alpine 3527 (25w x 4@4 Ohm or 35w x 4@2 Ohm, OR 70w x 2 bridged). I will be adding a stealthbox and amp later on. What should I do:

Should I:

A) Buy 4 5x7 coax speakers and run them off the deck (if so, should I use the x-over in the deck to block bass for when the sub arrives?)

B) Buy 4 5x7 coax speakers and run them off the Alpine amp

C) Buy 2 components for the front, and run them off the Alpine in bridged 70w x 2 mode, and buy coax speakers for the rear (running off the deck)

Your feedback will be instrumental in me wasting valuable burger money for months on end to build a schweet setup. Thanks everyone! :)

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Your leaving out several key pieces of information.

1.) What are the coaxials and components rated at.
2.) Who makes them.
3.) Are you a SQ guy or SPL? (Quality vs. Volume)
4.) Would you be willing to buy another amp?

As an audiophile I will have to say go with the components. Why? Becuase they generally sound better. The important thing to look at is the RMS rating of the speaker. This is the average input they are going to want from whatever amp is driving them weather it be the deck or an amp.

22x4 is not that much at all. Most Sony's now come standard with 40x4, my last Sony was 45x4. The 45x4 drove 4 Alpine coaxials fine in my Wrangler. Now that I have a better budget and more experience I have moved up to components and MUCH higher end equipment (My PXA-H510 DSP cost me a fortune). I guess it comes down to the goals of your system. Is this IT for your system or is it a work in progress?

Let us know and we'll give better advice.

Go with your third choice . Using 6.5" seperates and amp power in the front doors and stock in the back seat , using deck power. Thats the set up I'm using now and I have no complaints. Stock speakers with deck power are plenty loud , the rear should be for fill in only , and IF they blow replace em' for $50 later.

Well, in accordance with what Rockymnthi said, go with components...But the 6.5's depending on what you want to do. To stuff a 6.5 in component into the door can be a hastle and alot of work depending on your skill level. If you are going to mount the speakers in the stock location, go with a 5 1/4 component set and if you are going to buy, or have a set of kick panels made, then you should go ahead with the 6.5's. I've got 6.5's in my truck, and love em, despite the size of the kick panels I made. It was my first attempt at using fiberglass and it was successful. They're a bit large, but sound awesome. This summer hopefully I can re design, and use my better skills to make a lower profile kick panel.

The shop that did my install has my 6.5 's and tweets behind the factory grille , so it looks factory to the human eye , but not to the EAR...... I'm not sure what mods they did , but I can find out . I know it took almost 2 hours though. Later.......

The deck is rated at 40 or 45w x 4. The RMS is what is rated 22w x 4. 22w RMS isn't that bad, is it? BTW - I am most definitely an SQ guy. I don't care how loud it can go, as long as it sounds nice and clean. I was looking at Infinity Kappas for coax, but need suggestions on reasonably priced components should I go that route. Thanks!

That should be plenty for stock speakers or cheap(er) replacements .The main thing is that you have pre-outs on the deck , you can always upgrade to an amp...

Head units are very overrated when it comes to power. Even the best headunits will put out no more than 18-20 watts RMS. It's just way too hard for a unit that small to send 22-25 watts to 4 channels, even with the ridiculous amount of THD head units put out.

I would go with choice 3. That's the set up I'm running now (or will be once my amp gets fixed). The greater power from the amp will enhance your front sound stage thus improving your imaging. The lower power from the headunit will provide rear fill.

Also. If you were to run all 4 speakers off the amp you would only be sending 10-15 watts more than the headunit puts out to each speaker. This will be noticeable, but your biggest noticeable gain will be in sound quality. The amp will not put out any where near as much distortion as the headunit will. I would still go with your 3rd idea though.

Hope this helped.


Components it is...

Okay, option "C" it is. Now then, who can recommend an inexpensive, yet pretty decent component set, and where to get it? Better yet, is anyone selling a used set / looking to upgrade?

Go with "C"

As for decent components, look online or in local shops for last year's models. Usually, there's very little difference besides cosmetics, and even if there are some differences sonically, it may be easier on you to save 60+ bucks.

mmxpress and usually have so alright deals. Crutchfieldl sometimes has good deals on their closeouts as well.

Good luck!


You could also try looking on E-Bay for a good deal. I've bought quite a bit of stuff of E-Bay (My Boston Pro's) that came in EXCELLENT shape.

this is kinda late, but i figured better late then never:

skippmann: 22x4 is pretty high for most decks. sony might say 40x4, but thats max. 22rms is what most decks that i have looked at put out, if not lower. sony sucks for head units, anyways =/

Jeff aka Lamah