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Solved Your Stock Auto/Manual hub info - Ranger / 91-94 X


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Your Stock Auto/Manual hub info - Ranger / 91-94 X /BII

...If you own a 90-97 Ranger or a 91-94 Ford Explorer with manual hubs, this is for you..:biggthump

Manual Hubs

...Your stock Manual hubs are made by Warn for Ford...

Dana 35 - 27 spline

...The Replacement Part Number for your hub is = Warn P/N 29071

...The service kit for your manual hub is = Warn P/N 39128


..From the Manufacturer

For 61-70 International Harvester Scout; For 71 & Prior Jeep Cj/Universal/M38Ai/Willys; For Jeepster C101 Commando; For 73 & Prior Jeep Gladiator/Wagoneer Pickup

The WARN Premium Hub is a no-compromise hub designed for the hardcore off-roader or truck owner who will accept nothing less than the industry standard in performance.

The all metal construction and ZA Alloy dial ensure years of reliable functioning. This dial requires a full 9/10ths of a turn to ensure positive engagement of the inner drive gear to the clutch ring. To make sure they stay engaged, WARN premium hubs use a thick internal wave spring and heavy dial detents.

We know our premium hubs will be used hard, so we build them to last. We're so confident, that all WARN hubs are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

All WARN Premium Hubs feature:

9/10 turn dial for robust engagement/disengagement
Heavy detents for positive engagement
Wave spring technology increases reliability over standard coil springs.
All metal construction
ZA Alloy dial with dual seals keep contaminants out

..Product Description..

These manual hubs are designed for OEM hub replacement. They feature a precision cast body, 4140 steel clutch ring, and inner drive gear. Installation is quick and easy and sure turn dials make for easy engagement. For use with 27 spline axles.

Compatible with the following models:
90-94 Ford Explorer;
90-97 Ford Ranger;
94-97 Mazda Pickup;
90-94 Mazda Navajo.

..Product Description..

Standard Manual Hub Kit; Precision Cast Hub Body - Inner Drive Gear - 4140 Steel Clutch Ring -

Ideal For OEM Hub Replacement - for
FORD EXPLORER V6 4.0 245 1991-1994,
FORD RANGER L4 2.3 140 Standard Side Bed 1990-1997,
FORD RANGER V6 2.9 177 Standard Side Bed 1990-1992,
MAZDA B2300 L4 2.3 4 Wheel Drive 1995-1996,
MAZDA B3000 V6 3.0 4 Wheel Drive 1994-1996,
MAZDA B4000 V6 4.0 4 Wheel Drive 1994-1997,
MAZDA NAVAJO DX V6 4.0 4 Wheel Drive 1992-1994,
FORD RANGER V6 3.0 182 Standard Side Bed 1991-1997,
FORD RANGER V6 4.0 245 Standard Side Bed 1990-1997,
FORD RANGER SUPER L4 2.3 140 Standard Side Bed 1990-1997,
FORD RANGER SUPER V6 2.9 177 Standard Side Bed 1990-1992,
FORD RANGER SUPER V6 3.0 182 Standard Side Bed 1991-1997,
FORD RANGER SUPER V6 4.0 245 Standard Side Bed 1990-1997,
MAZDA NAVAJO LX V6 4.0 4 Wheel Drive 1991-1994

...For earlier Rangers and Bronco II's (83-89) = Dana 28 - 23 spline

Early Models With 23 Tooth Axle Spline Requires 1989 Hubs - warn P/N 29070

Auto Hubs To Man. Hubs Use Spindle Nut Kit (1983-1989) Vehicles. Spindle Nut conversion Kit -Warn P/N 27988

......The service kit for the Dana 28 hub is the same as the kit for the Dana 35 hub = Warn P/N 39128

Dana 35 = Ranger 93-97 -Explorer 91-94 = 27 spline

Automatic Hubs To Manual Hubs Use Spindle Nut Kit- Warn PN[32720]



..For a replacement part for the Warn Brand Conversion Kit($87), you may purchase the Spicer kit pn# 28068X in stock, ($10 per side) from have to look it up but they have them...;)




...For some other useful schematics, try these...

...For the Ranger...
Dead Link Removed

...For the 91-94 Explorer...



The stock Auto Hub info..

Fits Rangers 91-97 and Explorers 91-94

A place to order new Auto Hubs -






...For a direct replacement, stronger and heavier built hub, try the Warn P/N 37780 made for J**P

These have been recently discontinued so if you can find them, get em now...;)

Need to find a new Splined washer???..

...The splined washer is a "variable part" but can be found in this kit at the Ford Dealer - P/N F57Z-3B458-A is the part number, it's 3 washers. Plain steel, plastic, and the splined steel washer ...

...This 3 pc. package can be seen is this pic...;)


...Some other very useful Hub related links...:biggthump

...Auto hub Testing...

..Auto Hub and Manual Hub Socket Info..

...Auto hub to Manual hub Conversion

..Auto Hub Problems/Repair

...Auto Hub/First Gen Brake Diary..

..How to engage 4x4..

..How to Troubleshoot 4x4 problems...


..I was having a problem snapping outer spindle nuts...

...I figured out that I was snapping stock Dana 35 outer nuts...They are thinner than the replacement part Spicer kit pn# 28068X which in fact come back to a Dana 44 replacement part...;)

..Spicer part on the left and stock Dana 35 on the right...


...Per wiki...

Hub means the centre of a wheel. By analogy, it generally means 'center' or 'important place', and may refer to:

# Locking hubs, accessory on four-wheel drive vehicles

...From Warn Ind....
1948 Arthur Warn invents the Locking Hub in Seattle, Washington
1954 WARN locking hubs are offered as optional factory equipment by major domestic automotive manufacturers

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Are they supposed to 'click' into locked? Both of mine click into free, but not really into lock.

Are they supposed to 'click' into locked? Both of mine click into free, but not really into lock.

My warn hubs don't click into lock either, its more of a friction hold. They do then click into free mode

OK, the description talked about "dial dents" holding the hubs in lock

...They do need to click into the free position in order to keep them from engaging...;)

..There are a couple schematics and the links can be found in post #1...For any trouble shooting information you might need for hubs or 4wd, check the "How To" in my signature as it has some really good test and fix it info...

...I am currently trying to find a detailed exploded version of the Warn 29071 hub with part numbers and I will post it here as soon as I get it...

dont forget Warn has a new much stronger hub for our dana 35 ttb axles, it was intended for use on a Jeep

The inner and outer spindle nuts and lock ring washer can be had at most parts stores for cheap, just ask for dana 44 spindle nut kit, Carquest is $8 a piece for inner and outer, $3 for the lock ring washer

...Can you edit/add the P/N's and a pic, and maybe a link into your post...:thumbsup:

...I want to keep post #1 with all the stock hub info, but what you posted definately needs to be added to this thread...

...If it looks like a similar to stock hub and won't grenade as easy, (and as long as it is not the 2 piece hub) I might even look into them for my X...:hammer:

its exactly like the stock hub, except about 3 times stronger.

I run ARB lockers and 35" mud tires on a dana 35 TTB, with the tires at 10 psi in Moab on slick rock I still have yet to blow a Warn hub, even the older style but I did upgrade to the newer style last year.... let me find the part numbers

...I already found them, :shifty_ey snagged some pics, and they are in the first post...I forgot about them...:confused:

It looks like Warn 37780 has been replaced by Warn p/n 60163. 37780 is no longer listed on the Warn site

Part Number: 60163
Rear Full Floater Hub Lock; Standard Duty; Set; 27 Spline; Replacement; Internal;

...I verified with 4wheelparts today that their computer does show on one page the 37780 is discontinued and on another page it says nothing...Other Offroad and J**P sites still show them in stock but :dunno:..I know Warn shows on their site the 60163 as a replacement but keep in mind, that's a 2 piece and it's for a J**P rear axle...That puppy will be bucks...

...I think the 29071 hub is safe from being obsolete as long as we keep grenading them..:burnout:

...I mentioned in another thread today that I will be chatting with Warn next week as they are on Xmas break right now..:(

That pic is the same one that comes up for the 37780 hubs, which is incorrect.

It'll be a sad day in the RBV community if these 60163 hubs aren't like the 37780 ones... Our whole community depends on them, as the 29071 ones bring the suck (being warrantied forever doesn't mean a damn thing when you're sitting out there on the side of the trail constantly replacing the weak POSs).

IMO, I think Warn should keep the 37780 and simply substitute Ford Explorers/Rangers as the application for them :rolleyes:

...I just also added the Auto hub info as there have been some request for it...;)

So, say I decide to put the warn premium hubs on my 93 that currently has autos. I just buy the p/n 37780 for the jeeps if I can find it and I'm good to go, or do I need the 2 bags of p/n 28068x to go with it? If I can't find them, I just have to go with the standards or is there another part number I can go by for the premiums and then add in the 2 bags that are the same as the conversion kit?

...You can get the warn 29071 hubs and you will need 2 bags of the Spicer 28068X and you will be fine...Unless you are into hardcore offroad...In that case, read post #12..;)

Right, so then, if I go with p/n 37780 (should I find it) my question is do I need the spicer bags? Same question goes for p/n 60163. I know I will need the spicer bags if I go with the standard locking hubs p/n 29071 and I am just wondering if I will need them if I go with either of the 2 premium hubs mentioned in post 12.

...If you are converting from an auto hub to any manual hub, you will need to buy those parts to make the conversion from auto hubs to manual hubs...;)

...For future readers: If you already have manual hubs you will not need to buy the Spicer 28068X parts...

Awesome information tbars4 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: It should help alleviate new threads as the information is right here.. :salute:

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...Thank you Sir...:salute:

...I am getting ready to add some links for 4x4 questions in the first post...;)