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Ziebart problems


August 4, 2007
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1994 XLT
So this is a strange/unique problem I've had ever since I bought my Explorer in 2005: I go to a military base's gas station to fill it up and my alarm buttons no longer work, I can't turn off the alarm, resulting in the X not moving.
I was stuck at a gas station for nearly an hour today pulling wires before it finally reset and I was able to leave. -->I'm betting there is some sort of electrical interference that causes this, but I don't understand why this only happens at gas stations on base. I drove two blocks away(still on base), hopped out, and the remote worked. I get my lunch, and from about 50 ft. away, push the button. It worked perfectly! I work on bases and don't have problems. I've even lived on base and never had this problem.
This has been a strange issue at four gas stations on four different bases: Washington, Florida (X2), and Oklahoma. Has anybody ever heard of this problem before? Is this even believable? Is this a glitch in the Matrix?

Being a military installation, everything's contracted and a lot of the same equipment is used. Of course a base gas station is probably AAFES but even still they try to use all the same equipment everywhere. My guess is there is interference on a band close to your alarm's, from something used at every base gas station. Perhaps there is a wireless pump monitor, or another possibility is the old radar detector's red herring - automatic sliding doors.

As for a solution, I'm not sure - is it the factory alarm system or an aftermarket one?

As for a solution, I'm not sure - is it the factory alarm system or an aftermarket one?

Factory system to the best of my knowledge. I've asked a few mechanics around and they are clueless still. I'll talk to some of the people in the radar and radio around the base and see what frequencies they run and see if my alarm system is close.

Seems like a simple solution is to not use the alarm when on-base at a gas station.

I wouldn't think you'd have problems with anyone trying to steal your car while you're filling up with gas, especially on base, so arming the alarm at a gas station doesn't seem to make much sense.