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Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle or ZAPV



I had just bought the truck for 4k with just over 100k miles on it, was just going to be a daily driver but decided to make it a capable off road vehicle. Soon you will see the transformation of this truck into the ZAPV or Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle.

This is how I got the truck.


I decided to put bed liner on all of the plastic parts, and it looked good. At this point I thought I was done with the body (foolish me) I was going to settle for a good looking with minor capabilities truck.






I soon grew tiered of all the plastic wrapped around the truck, and the fact that the bed liner wasn’t sticking to it, so I pulled all of the plastic off and started over. I filled all of the holes left by the plastic with bondo or expanding insulation foam.




Bed lining was applied next. The whole truck was covered (including the rear wheel well). This didn't take as long as I thought it would.






(this is where I put bondo to fill in the divit.


And at last the Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle or ZAPV. It is the essential vehicle to use in case of a zombie outbreak, it can drive long distances, prevent rust, clime mountains, find high ground, and cover your sent from the brain eating *******s. This should not be your only plan in an zombie infestation, but you should always keep several options on the table. A vehicle would be the first step of a evacuation from an infected area. You would only want to use it to get out of a major city and make it to a relatively rural zone where you can take a high vantage point. Remember always be prepared.






EDIT: I don't have time to make rules and such for membership so if any one want to be in Team ZAPV just pick a number (except 1-3)

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Yo Dopler if an outbreak does occur we will be the only ones in the south to live!! Anywhere nice in NC we could turn into a fortress?

i'd suggest a prison if there are no inmates there of course. cause think about it, prisons are not only designed to keep people in, but also keep people out. plus they have a huge surplus of food to keep you from starving to death.

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so far im seeing 3 or 4 official ZAPV's: myself, Toast, 2-Stripe, and Dopler!!

Come on people you know you want to join us we need more ZAPV's when the outbreak comes....so far Dopler and I are the only ones in the South.

how did zapv X (myself) not make that list? I was like 4 posts above you. I'm already blacking out and I am a member from ND. I specialize in Xplosives.

I like where this is going... I have been tweaking my zombie plan for years and had always calculated a vehicle in there. This just reinforces it that much more. I cant wait to get home (january) and get to work on the explorer.

Ok here's the plan
We need a good distraction, so Mine will be ZDV
Zombie Diversion Vehicle.

I will have several cans of this in the back hatch.


I'll open the hatch and yell " free brains here!!"

This should get them headed in my direction. Just when they get close, I will peel out leaving a confusing cloud of rubber smoke. Zombies hate smoke also you know-

This should group them together for a group kill from bazooka fire.

So yeah, if it is ok I will be the ZDV driver.

lmao, and if they do go for the "free brains" they won't last long the that cholesterol count. My god who eats that!

I'm going to write a blog on this tonight for ZAPV. Keep your eyes open for it. It's going to be good.

lets find a safer way to distribute "free brains"....I'm thinking along the lines of a CO2 cannon....but my friend just got "the hammer" paintball gun and it can shoot marbles with no problem at 350-450 fps I could se that doing some damage.

I have a potato gun that has interchangeable barrels (1.5in,2in,3inand a 4 inch)all it needs is a little water and a can of calcium carbide and I can shoot just about anything so no need to worry about running out of ammo :D I am zapv 88

Awesome 97!!! don't forget to put your ZAPV number and the vehicle that is your ZAPV in your sig....like this: 1998 XLT 4x4 "ZAPV 13"<----this is me!

also I can make make-shift grenades out of spray paint cans and other CO2 propelled caisters....so we have explosive ammo too!!!!

Im thinking just ZAPV with the bottom of the Z all the way underlining APV
and then Zombie Assault Preparedness Vehicle under it
Just white backing and black text lol

I just cut out a stencil on a piece of cardboard
Im going to take black spray paint and spray paint it on to the black of a plastic plate i have laying around
and maybe take a sharpie and write Zombie Assault preparedness vehicle under it
I was going to paint it
but itd be to hard lol

I'm actually going to get it on a DMV plate. I always have the glock with 30 round clips available, shotty for close encounters, 30-06 for the distance shots, kahr P9 for backup on my ankle, and a walther p-22 for medium range shots.

North Dakota here. I figure when it gets -30 degrees they willbe so slow that I can use their head for easy target practice

hmmmm....well CCR, I'm coming to get you even though it's a good drive....you seem like the kind of guy you need on your side during a zombie invasion

and Fail on your part Toast....need a DMV tag, I'm getting one when I get Texplorer's X on the 29th, it will say, in beautiful letters "ZAPV 13"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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