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2 Button, 4button, keypad,chirp??

Discussion in 'Explorer - Ranger Interior Accessories' started by AP700, September 26, 2017.

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    1. AP700

      AP700 Elite Explorer

      August 14, 2017
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      Germany - Eich
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      '98 SOHC
      I will do my first post here, so guys you know my english is not perfect :D Sorry!
      Here in Germany its hard to find info about my 1998 explorer SOHC. I now have no keypad,and i have the 2-Button keyless remote A2881. My Explorer does close and open normally. It doesnt chirp or do anything with the headlights or the turning lights.
      My question is, is it possible to add the keypad or the 4-button remote and is it possible to enable the horn/chirp?
      I have seen Wireless keypads on youtube, they say its for 1998- explorers. I think it will work like the remote.
      To add the Original Keypad (what is nearly impossible because they're not to find here) I would have to search if there is the harness in my doors and if the computer in the drivers side rear is able to take a Keypad upgrade...
      Maybe you guys can help me...

      Thanks a lot!
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