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Vacuum leak sound from top of engine? 1996 4.0 explorer

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by porshapower, October 15, 2005.

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    1. porshapower

      porshapower Member

      September 30, 2005
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      jacksonville Florida
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      1996 explorer
      I am chasing the stuttering idle and trembling of the motor at idle only. Accelerates perfect. When I stand by the engine and rev it I can hear what sounds like vaccum coming from under the black thing on top of the engine that says 4.0(intake?)I believe. I dont see any vacuum lines under there but the sound of air being sucked in when I rev it up is there and very noticeable? Normal? I have replaced plug,wires,coil,Iac,egr,dpfe sensor,cleaned map sensor,seafoam cleaner,techron,air cleaner with no change. All vacuum lines at egr and in that area are fine but if you are standing on the driver side and behind the dpfe sensor/Iac area under the black thing on top of the motor is the area of the air?? How do I check for vacuum leak??? ThanksNel:)
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