Ford Explorer Fuel Gauge Float

Contributed by George Anderson

I fixed my gauge that read empty all the time. My first fillup after I bought my used '92 Sport, the gauge went to full, drove home, shut it down and it read E the next time I started up.

Dropped the tank this weekend, pulled the fuel pump and sending unit. Checked the sensor with an ohm meter - OK ohms checked out. Noticed fuel on outside of brass float. Popped it out of the arm and it was heavy. Squeezed it and fuel seeped out. Shook it and it was full. No way would it float.

Found a crack in a seam. Opened up the crack, drained the fuel, soldered it shut, leak checked it for over an hour in water - no leaks. Reinstalled everything, filled up - reads full. Drove all weekend. Reads 3/4 now. Steady as can be.

Guys, the problem with all your fuel gauges is probably a float that doesn't float. Good luck.


Contributed by Josh Marten

Just a note, I too replace my fuel sender float. It is the only individual part that ford sell in the fuel pump, sender assbly. Cost me $5 and some change when I was ready to spend $200 for the whole deal!




Updated February 10, 2000

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