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Driving Light Lenses

Contributed by Readydan

Took a rock through the driving light lens on my '94 Limited. Except for the lens, everything is all right. Ford wanted $85.00 for a replacement, but that was for the entire light assembly - lens, reflector, lamp, and housing. Then found out that mine was a special wiring connection (different model) and the price went to $120. Again for a complete assembly.

Due to the price, decided to try some other alternatives. Maybe buy an after market replacement pair. Finally talked to a knowledgeable Ford parts man. He told me that for many years and models Ford got their driving lights from overseas manufacturers. He suggested to look at the lens on the other light for a brand name and then try for a replacement lens at that brand.

Well, ran into a message on a different Explorer site that directed me to Susquehanna Motorsports in Pennsylvania and a web site (Search for - that sells Hella lighting products. Under their OE Applications - US they list several applications for Ford vehicles. Part #65061, just the lens and reflector, seems like a good fit for me. The listed price is about $28.00

A whole lot better than $120.00!





Added February 10, 2000

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