What Happened to My Over Drive?
A4LD Overdrive problem solving

Contributed by drbob

I just had my 1992 in for a 90k tune-up, which included transmission oil change. When I got it back, it would not shift into overdrive. Anyone have a clue as to what this might be? It is going back to the dealer on Monday to find out what is going on. Based on what he says I will have to decide whether to push him to repair it for free or whether it was a coincidence and it was something that would have gone anyway.

Again, from dr. bob:

There's a wire connector that attaches the two solenoids to the outside world. One solenoid is for the OD, the other manages the lockup converter. It is quite possible that the wire connector was dislodged while the pan was off. Don't panic, and don't get too upset. Occasionally things like this happen. Give the shop a chance to make good before you "push". If it's just the wire disconnected, it can be diagnosed from outside the transmission with an ohmmeter; the 'cure' takes about the same amount of time as another transmission service. Just plug the wire back in and don't change the filter again, please.

With luck, all you'll loose is a short bit of time, while gaining another 3 or 4 quarts of ATF to dilute the old stuff still in there.

Contributed by T. H.

I would like to add to the "What happened to my overdrive" section in your repairs, i was driving to work a couple of weeks ago, and the transmission on my 92 two door explorer kept locking and unlocking my torque converter while the cruise control was set at 110 kms/hr. I was driving on a straight flat section of the QEW in Niagara Falls Ont. The truck was not laboring it was driving normal, then the check engine light came on and off a couple times. Once i arrived at work, I placed the transmission in park, and the engine began revving up to 1500 rpm, 2000 rpm, and faster and faster it went, so i turned the engine off. When i went to drive home, the engine was running normal, but once i got back onto the QEW the transmission wouldn't lock up the torque converter at all, it wasn't even intermittent, it was just not locking at all. After getting home and using twice the amount of gas to get home, I checked the computer for diagnostics. It came up with a bad throttle position sensor, i went into my parts box, and found a spare, replace the TPS and away i went, with no further problems.





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