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Cargo control done right, with E-track!

Discussion in 'Offroad Accessories' started by Stic-o, November 12, 2006.

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    1. Stic-o

      Stic-o Elite Movie Star Elite Explorer

      September 1, 2002
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      Lake View Terrace, CA
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      '91 Navajo '99 XL '16 XLT
      Added a Y strap and ties into the E-track :D


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    3. gmanpaint

      gmanpaint Torsion Bar Free Elite Explorer

      August 1, 2008
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      STL MO
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      94 XLT-95 FX4
      Guess that strap is easier then welding a stub shaft to the bars to hold the tire. :thumbsup: They do make a lot of cool stuff for these tracks.

      I am going to attempt to install the E-track today. I say that as I have nobody around to help with tightening the bolts. LOL!

      Already ran into a snag! The two styles of track are different widths. The vertical track isn't wide enough to straddle the indents to get a bolt threw in the right spots. I have to switch up how I planned on installing them. I will use the horizontal tracks as you did, and add the vertical tracks in front & back of the floor, making a box.

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