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Octane adjust pin in use?

Discussion in 'General Explorations!!' started by Christobal65, September 21, 2004.

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    1. Christobal65

      Christobal65 Active Member

      September 19, 2004
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      Sacramento CA
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      07 Explorer V8- 01 Miata
      I had this code pulled from my 1992 explorer and the used car tech at the infiniti dealer i worked at didnt know what it ment. any ideas?
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    3. MrShorty

      MrShorty Explorer Addict

      December 27, 2001
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      Spanish Fork, UT
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      92 XLT and '87 Bronco II
      Your code list is incorrect on this one, I think. KOEO 341 is normally supposed to indicate that octane adjust pin circuit is open. Properly diagnosed, you would go through the octane adjust circuit (get wiring diagram) until you find the break.
      That said, I suspect that the engine was pinging (a common complaint on these engines) and someone removed the octane adjust shorting bar (removed, engine timing is retarded a little bit) to try to fix it. There are better fixes for engine ping if this is the case. It's been discussed many times; see what you can find using the search function.

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