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  • Quick question. I'm about to order spacers 2.25" for the front and either 2" or 1.75" for the rear, I seen you have 1.75" for the rear is it level with that spacer in the back? I'm trying to get a level to higher rear end look, don't want the front up higher then the front. thank you.
    I used a S**T ton of fabreeze, along with the vinegar method, i also left the windows open all day, the smell is notacably less, but still there, i figure keepin the windows open more will get rid of it eventually.

    thanks, nick
    n.gardner: Did you ever get rid of the smell? Just curious if you did. If you did get rid of it what did you use? Nice to know what works. Thanks Brian (bcbid)
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Im 16, my X is my first vehicle. sweet deal right?

Mud, Shooting, Camping, etc
City, State
Bel Air, MD
Year, Model & Trim Level
'02 XLS
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:exporange:usa: Nick 02 XLS
2.25/1.75 BTF, 285's, procomp 52 wheels, ECOH bumper, Smittybilt XRC8, Light Bar, Air Box Mod, flowmaster 40, CB
MORE TO COME.....:thumbsup: