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I have leather seats in my Explorer but I noticed after 30 years, they have a few rips.. I’m wondering if there are any nice affordable covers I can use before I decide to patch them up. Any suggestions on seat covers as well as patching methods would be much appreciated!
Purchased SCT X4 and installed the canned 91 octane tune. My seat of the pants dyno was impressed. Today i got in my 3 bar map sensor and thermostat from Livernois and will install tomorrow. Went ahead and called my Schaeffers Oil rep and have some 5w20 and 75w-140 extreme gear oil coming. Gotta get my PTU oil changed right at 50,000 miles and who knows if it ever was.
Out with the 2015 XLT, in with the 2017 Platinum. Been wanting the 3.5 EcoBoost for a while. Been pricing the Sport and came across a really nice low mileage Platinum.. Test drove it and was hooked.