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Hiya Explorer buddies.
I have owned my ‘94 Explorer for 17 yrs! She provided me with an 85% runtime and cost me less than $3000 in repairs over the years. There were minor problems from day 1 and some pesky stuff developed over the years like an oil leak, a replaced windshield that leaks,
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Hey guy so I'm a new member and honest with you know not about vehicles. I have a 2002Ford explorer 4.0 V6 4x4 transmission went out and my bf and his friend was replacing the old with the newer transmission this afternoon. They got everything bolted well the transmission up but im not sure on this but shouldn't the torque converter an flywheel have been put on before the transmission
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It’s a flex plate, and not a flywheel in an automatic transmission, but yes. They might have used the old one, which is probably full of debris of the last transmission grenaded.

Never reuse a torque converter after a trans failure. The lines also need cleaned or replaced.