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Update: I can stand on my rear bumper, rock the hell out of it, meaning my '05 Explorer, & I don't hear anything so long as it's off & in park. But once you start it & put it in drive... I can stand on the rear bumper, rock the truck, & I can hear the squeaking quite clearly, meaning the squeaking in the rear I've heard while driving it. Could it be my rear brakes???
I currently have a loud squeaking racket coming from the rear end of my 2005 4×4 Explorer XLT, I've hung my head out the passenger rear window, & it very clearly was coming from the rear passenger wheel well. I had an independent mechanic look at it, & he said nothing appeared to be wrong w/the suspension, but I don't know him well enough to trust him. I think it's the rear passenger strut myself. What could it be?!
Ok I own a 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLT. I have this smoke and terrible smell that comes from the passenger side under the hood. I looked after I parked and there is oil on the underside of the motor. What is this and how much is this going to cost me?
Sounds like a head gasket. Look up YouTube videos there’s plenty
Lose power to cluster, radio, windows
then power returns on own.
Speedometer now rests below “zero”
2004 Explorer Sport Trac
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check any fuses and relats that may control those. i dont think thees a centrla module controlling all thre of those
Looking for parts to put my sport trac 4x4 back to manual trans need cluster an engine an trans wiring harness . Could also use ecm an key assembly if possible.
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The auto cluster will work, you just need the blanking plate to delete PRNDL. I might have an extra one, let me check tonight.