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Former Chevy mechanic a LONG time ago. I like anything antique mechanical whether it be cars, motorcycles, guns, round engine airplanes, steam, gadgets and gismos.

Former muzzleloading gunsmith and gunbuilder
City, State
Redmond, OR
Year, Model & Trim Level
94 4x4
93, 99 Bauer 4x4
Country - Optional
Zip Code
Retired. Ha! There ain't no such thing.


'94 XLT 4x4 auto--Green, of course
'93 Eddie Bauer Maroon/Cream. '94 rims on front, '93 rims on back - I like it anyway.
'99 Eddie Bauer Dark Blue
My '93 Saturn had 510,000 miles on it. Then it was rear ended by stupid 16 yr old kid - demolished R.I.P.
My rock grinding - mud rutting - small tree mashing days are over from one too many hits to the head on the roof of my '68 Scout. :banghead: