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  • It helped for a couple weeks but eventually went back to taking fuel very very slowly again. It takes 20 minutes to fill up the tank. Im assuming that canister is plugged up with moisture again. I’m wondering if that purge valve is the problem or could it be the vent valves on the tank? Or what do you think. Thanks for any help.
    The problem I had was my 07 would hardly take fuel so I dropped the tank, took the canister out, cut it open and found that all the charcoal was completely soaked with water or gas or both. I dried it all out, sealed up the canister, reinstalled it, and replaced the vent solenoid thinking that was the problem.
    I was reading a post about the a leak code in the fuel system on an explorer that you chimed in on. You seamed very knowledgeable about the fuel system and even provided a nice schematic of the system. You mentioned you could give the procedure to test the vapor canister purge valve. I’m wondering how that is done.
    If you go looking for an additive for your noisy lifter, there's a product called Rislone. Read the label to see what it's recommended for, but it's been around for ever and I think it's recommended for things like stuck rings and lifters.
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Louisville, Kentucky
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2000 Ford Explorer
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-1997 Ford Explorer Sport XLT 4.0 4x4
-2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 AWD
-2001 Mercury Mountaineer Monterey 5.0 AWD

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