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94 explorer starter

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    Starter motor won't disengage after (+) battery and starter relay replacement

    My 94 explorer did not start one morning. I diagnosed the problem as a bad (+) battery cable. I replaced the cable and in the midst of reattaching wires to starter relay I snapped a bolt from the relay. Went to Oreilly, got a new starter relay (the rep showed me two options, one was taller and...
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    94 Explorer XLT V6 Doesn't Start: KOEO Codes

    Hi: Thank you in advance for your help. My 94 Explorer stalled in a trafic light and it didn't want to start ever again. When I try to start I hear a click but the starter doesn't do anything. I have no budget to bring it to a shop (no wonder), but I'm O.K. with mechanical stuff so I'll...