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a pillar

  1. S

    A Pillar / Spotlight ????

    Greetings fellow PI owners. I am getting my 2013 PIU ready for sale, and addressing the windshield A Pillar moulding issue. I have already replaced the passenger side moulding, Drivers side has a spotlight on it. In your opinion, should I just remove the spot and put the moulding on or should I...
  2. JohnnyDop

    Very Sad Delivery Experience

    Today's the day I pick up my new Ex. I was very excited all day. I rushed home from work and got to the dealer by 7:30. Low and behold its 11pm and as I type this my driveway sits void of a shiny new 2012 Explorer :(. Here's what happened. They bring it over and I jump in immediately...