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ball joint 3 gen

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    front end rebuild: mechaninc or DIY?

    I took my car to the dealership to get the transmission filter and fluid replaced. the service adviser said that I needed to get my left and right lower control arms and 2 ball joints replaced. about 320 dollars worth in parts from Napa Auto Parts. I went to got see my mechanic, Frank. He...
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    How to: Ball joints on 3 gen 2 of 2 [Pictures]

    Torque specifications: Upper control arm ball joint-to-steering knuckle nut- 41Ft-lbs/ 55Nm Lower control arm ball joint-to-steering knuckle castle nut- 129Ft-lbs/ 175NM Tools Used: *Common sockets, breaker bars, and ratchets. *Ball joint separator tool *Ball joint press kit *Hammer *Grease gun...