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  1. 0

    Powered Sub Add-on to MFT/Sync2

    I am thinking of adding a powered Kicker underseat subwoofer/amp combo to my 2016 Limited with MFT/Sync2, and would like to keep the install clean while maintaining the stock Sony setup. Has anyone done this yet? Is there an adapter that taps into the head unit for powered an lineout? Thanks...
  2. CamDJClimited

    For Sale Kicker CompVT 6 1/2" Slim 2-Ohm Subwoofer

    Up for sale is a Kicker CompVT 6 1/2" Slim Subwoofer that I had in the factory location of my 96 Ford Explorer Limited. This is the 2011 model, and was purchased the beginning of this year. Specs say 150 Watts RMS and 300 Watts Peak. The amazing thing about this sub is that its 2 ohms instead of...
  3. bt93

    98 JBL Eddie Bauer sub install questions.

    I have the premium sound with JBL. I am wanting to add a couple subs and amp I have laying around but I hate the look of a aftermarket head unit plus I will lose my 6-disc. Can I use the output from the factory sub amp for my low level inputs and get away with it without frying anything? Should...
  4. Budget Bass enclosure model number

    Budget Bass enclosure model number

    Ford JBL Audio System F37F 18C804 DA From a 91-94 four door
  5. Budget Bass enclosure

    Budget Bass enclosure

    This is one of the better OEM enclosures to modify since the front face is mostly flat.
  6. New Sub Box (3 10" Subs for Sport Trac)

    New Sub Box (3 10" Subs for Sport Trac)

    My new sub box for 3 10" subs that fit behind the seat. Just waiting on my 3 10" RF Punch 1's to show up.
  7. another angle

    another angle

  8. 3 jl's

    3 jl's

    this box has some serious thump // its hitting over the 145 dbs // without using a spl disk