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  1. K

    NEED HELP with bull bar installation

    I'm new to the forum, love it so far. So I bought a Westin Light Safari Bar part #30-0025 for my 2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.6L AWD. I'm in the process of adding several things into the vehicle and this bull bar has proven itself to be the most troublesome. The instructions state I...
  2. D

    Bull bar or Brushguard?!?!

    hey guys just bought a 2000 xlt and after im done with my first mod of painting the trim and bumpers with bedliner i was wanting to get either a bull bar or brushguard but pretty im partial to both. i have a decent budget and i also plan on putting lights on the bull bar/brushguard that i buy...
  3. E

    Ford Explorer Bullbar: Consumer Alert!

    We are advising all of our customers who are considering into purchasing a bullbar for the Ford Explorer; that you will have to cut and notch out the lower front splash guard in order to install the mounting brackets to the body frame. We have had one or two of our customers who took this item...
  4. Black Horse

    Black Horse

    Blackhorse Bullbar
  5. A

    Push Bar for Explorer

    After driving the lifted 250 for 8 years I forgot how nice it was to drive a vehicle that didn't friggen punish you. So far I only have: Tint on front two Setina push bar Weather Tech mats Shark fin antenna
  6. Front shot of my bullbar

    Front shot of my bullbar

    This is what a real bullbar should look like!