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    Center Console Swap

    Would it be possible to swap out the center console from say an '04 Explorer into a 98? I've seen a guy on YouTube swap out his 1st gen sport trac console with one and was wondering it it'd be possible to do in a 98 Ex?
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    Second Row Center Seat Stuck Down

    Hi everyone! I'm new here! Just got my '02 Explorer! It has 300,000 miles on it and runs like a charm! She needs some new breaks and has her quirks,but it's love. The only problem so far is that our second row center seat is down, and the top right piece that I think unlatches the lock has...
  3. M

    Steering Wheel Crooked -- Pull to Right

    Hi everyone! I am the proud new owner of a 2005 Explorer XLT, and with a new vehicle comes new challenges! Day 1: The tires are worn down quit a bit. Not the worst, but should probably be replaced. When driving, the steering wheel puts/pulls itself to about 1 o'clock (or a little bit before...
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    Need Cup inserts for back of console

    Hi, I have been searching everywhere to no avail. I have permanently damaged both of the cup holders in the back of my center console. I need some inserts to hide the damage. I have a 2010 Eddie Bower Explorer 4WD. Thanks so much! Denise
  5. A4LD center support sealing rings and clutch plates.

    A4LD center support sealing rings and clutch plates.

    This photo describes the differences in the A4LD center supports, sealing rings, and clutch plate specifications. All Ford part numbers are shown.
  6. Center Console

    Center Console

    i painted the cenetr console also...
  7. 289 FIA Competition Cobra

    289 FIA Competition Cobra

    Here's my ERA Cobra replica parked on the grass outside the building where I first started working at Ford over 30 years ago. Car is powered by a Weber carbed BOSS 351 Cleveland engine with a solid lifter camshaft. This car has won "Best Cobra Replica" at 2 National Shelby...