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  1. Mr. Alligator

    Clattering noise

    Good evening Ford Crew. 1997 Ford Explorer, SOHC 4.0. I have driven this truck since it was brand new, and am very familiar with multiple timing chain issues, and how the death rattle sounds: usually starting mostly with rattle on cold starts, aggraveted by colder weather. usually not present...
  2. T

    Noisy 4.0L engine.

    I have a 2001 Sport Trac with 187,000 miles. The engine has a clatter sound when idling that seems to be coming from the front of the engine. When accelerating the noise becomes louder. At 30 mph the noise sounds more like valve pinging. It stops when I let off the gas. I've changed the intake...
  3. A

    Engine Chattering (Timing Chain?)

    What's up everybody. Got a sweet new issue with my spoder. I took it to a place a year or so ago for a chattering noise and they said that they replaced the front timing tensioner along with the oil pump. The noise did stop for a while then it came back. For the longest time my engine has made...
  4. S

    Engine clatter after oil change

    hey everyone, after a routine oil change today, I started to hear a clatter from the engine.. it initially sounded like the valvetrain but it gets louder towards the crankshaft region. It's the first time I have actually noted this kind of sound - my friend's Camry made the same sort of noise...