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control trac

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    Front Diff Disco Actuator...Baffled!

    Hello. First of all, this is my first post here...seriously, the knowledge you guys have has gotten me through most of my repair question. My apologies in advance...This is gonna be a long, but an issue I've been having since January has taken me on a wild ride, and today just got stranger...
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    Going 4 Wheel. Help?

    I'm planning my 4wd conversion for january and so far I think I'm going to start with the transmission and transfer case. I plan on ordering a rebuilt 4wd 5r55e and BW 4405. I was going to go with a manual 1354 at first but unlike most people I actually want control trac. Everything seems simple...
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    2nd Gen Control Trac Transfer Case Wiring

    Hey all, Hopfully one of you can help me out with a wiring diagram of the harness that plugs into the shift motor of my 97 Sport? My 4 low is not engaging (I'm thinking it's the shift motor being stuck/ dead) since it worked one day but now it does not. Instead of thowing new parts at it...
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    Is My Truck Stuck In 4x4

    Okay, a little background info. It is a 98 explorer with the Control Trac transfer case, so the selector switch has the Auto/4 High/4 Low settings on it. AND i just got a brand spankin new tcase shift motor installed before today there was no shift motor so it was a full time 2WD. I got it...