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door panels

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    Painting Interior Door Panels?

    Hey guys, been thinking here about painting parts of my door panels. I have a 98 explorer xlt with a tan interior. Been thinking that since there is some black already like the bezel, speedometer and other stuff, painting some parts black would be ok. When I got it, the plastic parts i guess...
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    Looking to replace interior door panels, have a question on manual vs fullpower doors

    I have a 1991 explorer and i need to replace the interior door panels. I have manual doors, meaning i have to push locks and crank the windows. It is very difficult for me to find door panels that arent designed for full power doors. So my question is, can i buy the interior plastic door...
  3. C

    Painted Door Panels Result Vid.

    I painted the door panels on my 98 Sport...I would love to see some others. I have a playlist of the process (not really a "how to"...follow directions on can)... Here is the final results.
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    2011 2012 ford explorer interior

    Im in need of a interior for a 2011 2012 explorer if anybody knows where i can start looking i'd appreciate it. i need it to be black or i can start off with just black door panels. pls if you have any ideas pls share them with me...George
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    Wanted 93 Explorer Door Panels

    hey guys. If anyone out there could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I need new door panels for my 1993 Ford Explorer. It is a XLT with power windows locks and mirrors. The color is red which seems to be a hard color to find. I have been to plenty of junkyards...