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  1. J

    Tire Sensor Woes

    Hello Everybody. New member here. Texas, USA. *2007 XLT 2WD* So a nail went in my tire and damaged the tire pressure sensor and they are expensive to have replaced. Can i just pull the module that controls this or what? Thanks in advance for money saving suggestions.
  2. M

    TPMS Fault - Very Low Pressure

    When I first got my used '05 Explorer this weekend, there was a message that said "Check tire pressure" or something like that. I stopped at the gas station on my way home and pumped up all of the tires to 36PSI. Instantly after doing this, the message changed to "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault"...
  3. H

    ABS Problem

    Hi everyone I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. On normal braking to a stop, in the last few feet of stopping, I can feel and hear the ABS system coming into play, mainly from what feels like the front right hand side. I reiterate, this is under normal braking and normal road conditions. No...
  4. M

    Drive Train Fault Light Question

    My wife's '06 Explorer developed a fault with the 4WD, based on what I was able to understand from the brief description in the manual for the information panel icon that looks like a wrench. My wife said this lamp illuminated when she started up a hill after making a right turn. She also...