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hard shift

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    2003 mercury mountaineer slams into 5th gear

    2003 Mercury Mountaineer slams into 5th gear. v6 4.0L AWD with just over 240k miles. When driving over 45mph it will slam hard into 5th gear. I also hard time putting shifter into and out of park.
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    Hard shifting 2010 explorer

    I’m new here and I posted earlier and wasn’t sure if I posted it in the correct place and didnt know how to delete so am repostin it here I own a 2010 Ford Explorer that my dad recently bought for me as a gift but actually never checked it so now I’m just stuck with a hard shifting, gear...
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    Harsh shift after replacing transmission

    Hey guys, You've always been a lot of help with all my posts on here and it's time for another one. I really, really want to ditch my Explorer because it is such a p.o.s but I'm stuck with it due to being cash strapped. It is a 2002 Limited, 4.6L V8, 3.73 LS rear, AWD. I have a hard shift...
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    Ford Explorer transmission problem with a hard shifting

    The Explorer's adaptive transmission "learns" incorrectly, resulting in HARD SHIFTS and at the WRONG TIMES. This occurs after driving in hilly country, which happens to be where I live. Of course, the adaptiveness /learning is controlled by the logic in a software module. The problem is that the...
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    5.0 mountaineer hard OD up shift downshift ideas?

    Title says it all. On light throttle shifting into over drive the whole truck will sometimes shudder and slowly slip into OD. Also when I hit the gas and make it downshift from OD it will sometimes shift really hard like a short version of the upshift. It has 165k miles and I recently dropped...
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    5R44E flashing overdrive light.

    Hello everyone, A couple of years ago I sold my Explorer Eddie Bauer because of a slipping tranny, now my Ranger has a problem. Not feeling too positive about Ford transmissions............ I've seen some relevant posts, but really none with a definative problem ID and solution. Maybe...
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    Unexpected BANG shift

    2004 Explorer Limited, 4.6 V8, 5r55n transmission. I am getting a very hard bang shift at various shift points. It has even done this at start up. Shift out of park and wait 15 -30 seconds then BANG it goes in gear. Best I can ascertain no problem on down shifts. All gears work and lock-up...