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  1. E

    Which Exhaust Manifold or header for 5.0?

    Which Exhaust manifold or header can I buy for my 5.0 L that will be an improvement over the stock ones and won't break my wallet? First, thanks so much to you guys that post AWESOME threads about fixing and improving your Explorers. (Yes I do search and read old threads to find answers...
  2. S

    Question on Performance Parts

    If I put after market headers on my truck what will be the outcome performance wise? What would be the suggested brand/kind to go with also. thanks
  3. F

    Header Install Question

    Ok so I had a few beers and was thinking, I want to install my brand new pacesetter headers and y pipe, plus delete the cats with another pipe. I broke 1 bolt in my head and got another one out, I know how they're prone to breakage. What if I cut the heads off the bolts, lube up the...
  4. celly

    Torque Monster Header (TMH) Gasket Replacement-Pointers needed

    I've found bits and pieces of info out there on replacing the header gaskets used with TMH, but was hoping to put together an all inclusive thread on how to do the job. I got the headers put on in July at Jon's place in July as some will recall. The install was definitely first rate but I have...
  5. Driver Side Header

    Driver Side Header

    Borla header on driver side