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    Heater Hose

    Suddenly, from one day to the next, my 2006 Ford Explorer overheated. The mechanic says that I need a new heater hose which is like "one giant octopus". Cost for labor and part is $650. Does any of this seem normal?
  2. E

    Hose is hosed

    Anybody know what the hoses going into the top centre of the intake manifold and from the right bank rocker cover into the main intake duct near the filter are? They're perished and need replacing, can't cost the parts without knowing what they're called..
  3. D

    Coolant Not Circulating?

    hi everyone, First off, thanks to all of you for providing such a wonderful resource for Explorer owners across the world; you guys have saved my butt a few times already. I'm hoping you all can help me diagnose what's going on with my 2003 w/ the 4.6L V8: I replaced the valve cover gasket on...
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    Need help identifying missing vacuum hoses - see pics

    HI guys. I just picked up an 03 Sport trac XLT (4.0 SOHC) and I see some missing vacuum hoses or related parts. The truck idles fast (around 1000 RPM's) and the air from the vacuum leak is both hot and noisy. If someone can identify from my pic below and let me know what part is missing (2...
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    Vacuum Hose and Coolant Line Diagrams

    Most of my hoses, vacuum and coolant, are starting to show its age. Many have cracks which I want to change by myself (DIY). Anybody here has a diagram for both vacuum and coolant lines for the 2005 XLT Explorer? Time to get my hands dirty again. Thanks! Lance
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    Hoses around the Thermostat

    Howdy all, I am prepping up to change my thermostat, upper/lower housing, etc. this weekend. I am interested in changing any of the hoses around the area as well. Since I am going through all the trouble to replace the housing, I would like to replace any hoses I can while I am at it. I have...
  7. M

    No airflow from the vents of my 2007 Explorer.

    I'm having a tough time locating the vacuum hoses on my 2007 Explorer. The air flow stopped working on the dash, but from my continued research it suggests that the vacuum hoses may be damaged or dislocated. The issue is that I don't know what I'm looking for and simply trying to troubleshoot...
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    Manifold Gauge Hoses

    OK, so I'm gonna sound like a total n00b on this one, but I bought a set of manifold gauges at Advance a little more than a week ago since I noticed my A/C system's performance left something to be desired. Turned out I needed refrigerant. So I decide to add the refrigerant and attach the tap...