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lemon law

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    2017 Explorer 300 miles tire comes off rim!!

    I just bought my 2017 XLT with the 20inch black rims. I have 300 miles on my vehicle. As I'm driving 60 miles an hour my tire wall comes off of my rim on Christmas Night on the way to dinner. Needless to say I had to pull over immediately and missed Christmas dinner. The sales rep had told me...
  2. 1

    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    2011 EXP LTD BD 06/02/2011. 1000 miles. Burnt oil smell during hard acceleration. This is easily repeatable and happens every time. Well now we have another confirmed issue with my LTD. Under hard accelerations coming from an on ramp and merging with fast moving traffic only. Other wise, all...
  3. B

    Ford Explorer 2011-2015 exhaust smell

    Hello, I know a common problem with newer explorers is the exhaust fumes recirculating back into the cab. I have had the issue on my 2014 and now 2015 Ford Explorer. I'm currently in the lemon law process. Has anyone had success with Lemon law on them? I live in Florida. Thanks
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    Ford frustrations!!! Help!

    I am/was a proud owner of a new 2013 explorer XLT. I bought the SUV end of July, and loved it, until about 1,600 miles. Thats when I got what I thought was the "Black Screen of Death". However this wasn't the case. I have been back and fourth to dealership for now the 3rd time! First time they...