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  1. J

    Snapped timing chain 4.0 SOHC

    I don't normally search for help on internet threads, but I'm getting dangerously close to scrapping this project. I recently replaced the timing chain cassette and tensioner on my 4.0 SOHC with 150,000 miles. I bought Ford's OTC 6488 for the timing, and it ran great for about 4 hours. As soon...
  2. E

    Mustang Brakes?

    Hi, I'm new to this site as well as explorers in general. I just bought my first. 02 explorer limited. I have an '00 mustang that I've supercharged and now I'm thinking about "tweaking" the explorer performance, its a disease! Anyway, will mustang brake rotors fit the explorer? I have...
  3. G

    Best accessory for any Explorer

    Just added this cool OEM accessory to my Explorer, in order to improve handling. ;-) Seriously though, picked it up yesterday and it's only a V6 with the pony package but it's a beast! I love it!! Happy Happy Happy Happy
  4. B

    mustang throttle body on explorer

    does anyone out there have an actual picture of an explorer with the mustang throttle body on it? i want to put on my explorer, but i was looking at the mustang one that is suppose to fit (99-04 v2 4.6 mustange) and it doesnt look right. is my information wrong on the type on stang i need? or am...
  5. N

    2003 engine replacement

    I am new to Explorers and this site, hopefully I do this right. I have an 03, Explorer with a 4.6, and need an engine replacement (serious lower end noise). I have found a 2006 4.6 with low miles from a rolled car. Is there any way to make the engine and transmission work from the 2006? If...
  6. R

    Engine swap 98 sohc

    Engine swap 98 sohc with 05 Mustang motor Thanks again. (from original thread) Parts for the rebuild were expensive ($235 just for the crank) and I would still have a motor with 160k miles. I have decided to try and find a newer...
  7. M

    Installing 8" subs in doors as per Mustang Saker 500

    I'm consider buying some kicker 8" subs to mount in the doors, just below the arm rest. So directly next to your kidneys!!!! :D My idea is to create a system a little (but better) like the Shaker on the GT and utilising the Mustang sub grilles they'll match the tan interior trim I have...
  8. Elessar65

    Need Instrumentation

    I have a carb'd v8, c6, and solid axles. Needless to say none of my gauges work anymore. I was wondering if this would fit in the dash of a 95 Ranger? It would look a lot cleaner than a non functional dash, and gauges stuck all over the place. Its a race panel for a 94-04 Mustang. Link
  9. S

    Can you put mustang wheels on 93 explorer 2wd?

    i was gonna put some cobras on my explorer and i went to check if they fit and the wheel hub was to big for the rim. It blocked the rim from going on and you couldnt catch a thread on the studs. Is there a way around this or will it even work at all with the rims? Thanks...
  10. Our Mustangs

    Our Mustangs

    Our '66 and '04 Mustangs
  11. Mach 1

    Mach 1

    My Mach
  12. My first car 3

    My first car 3

    My first car that never got restored.
  13. My first car 2

    My first car 2

    This was my first car. 1968 Mustang inline 6. Unfortunately it never got restored.
  14. My first car

    My first car

    This was my first car. 1968 Mustang inline 6. Unfortunately it never got restored.
  15. Mustang


    My 90 LX 5.0. Supercharged, ported intake, heads........... and 18" rims
  16. 1965 Mustang GT Convertible

    1965 Mustang GT Convertible

    This is my 1965 289 HiPo GT Convertible. Features a factory 289 High Performance engine rated at 271 HP, GT equipment group, Interior Decor (Pony) Interior Group, Shelby suspension modifications, and Dual Band Redline Radial tires on Styled Steel wheels.
  17. Nice Mustang

    Nice Mustang

    Here is a Mustang GT I saw in the Springs.
  18. 1995 Mustang GT

    1995 Mustang GT

    Our 1995 Mustang Gt 5.0 under the Hood
  19. 1995 Mustang GT

    1995 Mustang GT

    Our 1995 Mustang Gt 5.0
  20. 65' Mustang Fastback

    65' Mustang Fastback

    Thats my dads 65 stang with a seriously built 302. He keeps building it and its going to be a strip only car.
  21. '65 Mustang

    '65 Mustang

    This is my old '65 Mustang just before paint. Wish I'd never sold it!! (note, the blemishes are in the photo, not the paint. I was just too lazy to clean it up :) )