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timing chain noise

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    Miracle in a bottle for Timing Chain tensioner?

    Hi everyone, new here (I've been reading for a while and finally registered:) and I have a question about an oil treatment that is supposed to help clear the ports on the hydraulic timing chain tensioner. My 2003 Sport Trac (XLT, 4WD, 4.0L SOHC) has 231k miles on it, and has been running smooth...
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    02 V6 Engine Noise

    Alright first post on here but my car ran great in the morning, no problems. Go to start it later in the day and suddenly my poor 02 explorer XLS is a mess. Since then she has some trouble starting up sometimes, others she starts right up. Constant ticking/rattling sound that gets worse higher...
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    2002 mercury mountaineer 4.0 timing chain rattle

    I know i am beating a dead horse AGAIN but please forgive me. I have read over and listened to hitchhikingmike's post and video on his 2002 4.0 explorer noise. I believe i have a similar noise but the difference is mine becomes more noticeable when its warm and stopped in gear. When i put it in...