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    I own a 2007 Ford Explorer Ironman V8. I am in desperately searching for a 3-4" body or suspension lift. I am not having any luck. Please help me out!
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    5.0 Swap 92 2wd

    I finally did it. After many months of idle. I bit the bullet and bought a 5.0/C4 combo from a workmate/friend. This unit originally was from a mustang I am told. Previous owner converted it from F.I. to Holley 4-BBL and Edelbrock performer intake. It was used in a 32 Ford rod, and replaced when...
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    Advice for engine swap 4.0 to 5.0

    OK, I might be taking a small bit of my retirement plan to pay for this, but need to get the truck fixed and want to do a few things. I've got: 1996 Ex XLT 4 dr, 4.0 L, Auto, 4x4. I've got a few problems, and one might be either a valve issue or could be as simple as a bad coil...
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    Restricted Air Flow

    I had just taken the "Air Inlet Tube" on the intake side of the air box. I took the tube out on my '04 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4.6L V-8. To allow more air into the engine. I went for a test drive, and it turned out like a whole different V-8 i was driving. I had way more acceleration at 0 mph. and...
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    Hi Everyone!! I am Brandon with a '04 Eddie Bauer Explorer.

    Hi everyone, I'm Brandon, I am married to a beautiful woman, I have a little boy (Who lived on this earth for 6 hours **RIP [November 25, 2010 @ 2:54-November 25, 2010 @ 0900) I am 21 and have been serving in the US Navy since June 2008 as a Engineman (Diesel Technician). I have a 2004 Eddie...
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    repair pipe to EGR valve ????/ obd code 0133

    :us:Anybody got a good fix for the pipe going to the EGR valve, besides trying to replace it. It's cracked open on the corragated section.I tried exhaust pipe repair tape and it melted off. Right now I've got brass shim stock around it with hose clamps. Could this be causing the o133 error code...
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    2001 SOHC swap to 5.0L.

    I am reading over the proceedure for cam chain tensioners and realizing this is a big job. I was wondering if anyone has swapped this motor for a 5.0? I am considering this as my wife's has the 5.0 and is a much better motor. How hard is this swap? I will get a donor vehicle to do it so I will...