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    Vibration when travelling at high speeds.

    So I have a 2001 explorer and it has a bit of a vibration when i am travelling at highway speeds. Recently I decided to crank my torsion bars up and the vibration was noticeably worse. My mechanic says its because of a bent rim but i beg to differ. I feel like its my front driveshaft. Anyone...
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    Rearview Mirror Rework (95 - 98)

    As many threads have reported the heavier rear view mirror (the one with all the Auto head light off timer and mirror sensors in it) tends to want to shiver or vibrate. This thread addresses removal AND a rework method that does not involve glue. None of my...
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    ABS Problem

    Hi everyone I have a 1997 Ford Explorer. On normal braking to a stop, in the last few feet of stopping, I can feel and hear the ABS system coming into play, mainly from what feels like the front right hand side. I reiterate, this is under normal braking and normal road conditions. No...
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    Over sized tires, ball joints, and ABS

    I just wanted to share my experience with you all, hopefully it can save someone else some headache. In December I put on a set of rims and 33 inch tires. In February we had a decent freeze and my ball joints started squeaking, but right when I decided to change them they stopped squeaking and...