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wiper motor

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    Rear Wipe Motor Seized - needs to be accessed/pulled

    I have searched and all motor issues are for 2nd Gen and arm removal that came up. I don't know if this build uses a tapered shaft as I had seen mention. We got the motor going with manual assist and powering on but once stopped a while I cannot move on its own. I was looking for pointers on...
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    Rear wiper motor - Always low power

    2005 Mercury Mountaineer: Weird problem - My rear wiper motor tries to move when I push the switch, but it doesn't seem to have power to move the wiper completely. If I hold the wiper off the glass, it usually moves most of the way. Once I put the wiper blade back on the glass, it gets...
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    Rear Window Wiper Problem!?

    Can somone help me on this issue.
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    Rear wiper problems

    Hello everyone i am a new owner of a 98 xlt explorer i am experiencing difficulty with the rear wiper, it makes a clicking sound when i turn it on but it dosent budge at all. Any help appreciated
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    1999 Explorer Sport Front Wipers and Washer

    I love this forum and have used it extensively to fix my car. However, I've searched the forums and am unable to find an identical problem/solution to my current issue. I have a '99 Explorer Sport. The car sat unused for a week and when I returned the front windshield wipers and washer fluid...
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    Anyone know how to test a wiper motor?

    :us:So I got a rear wiper motor from a junk yard and i want to test it before i install it. I have had a broken one for 2 years and i have missed it so much. I clipped the wiring harness for the motor when i was taking it out of the junker. There is a red, black, and white wire but i don't know...