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94 Supercab Splash SAS

Wow It is finaly time to start my sas thread.

94' Ranger Supercab Splash

95 roller 302 from a f150
GT-40Y heads
GT-40 Intake
1" spacer for intake
FMS roller rockers
Comp Cam
Pullys, brackets, timing cover, and watwepump from v8 explorer.
Custom snorkle in the works (air cleaner 125 Massy Fergison)
Summit racing all aluminum radiator and re worked radiator support

Transmission Transfer case
ZF-5 transmission from f-250 with 351
np-203 np-205 doubler from off road design 203 was from a chevy it was free

Front axle
79 bronco hp dana 44
5.13 Yucon gears
Aussie Locker
Warn premium hubs
stock axles for now
Purple cranium 1/2 spider

Rear axle
Ford big bearing 9" mid 70's f series
5.13 Yucon gears
Superior axles
Compititon Engenering axle truss
custom skid and 1/2 spider

Suspension and steering
Rear springs from an Explorer with aal and 4" shakle 2" factory block
(I hope to go to 63" chevy springs and eliminate the block)

Front suspension 5.5 Wild horses springs
duff upper coil bucket
extended radius arms with Ballistic joints
1 ton chevy tres, dom tubing on all links
custom trans crossmember with link mounts





Hi guys It's been a while since I have posted or even been on the EF. Around Christmas the zf started making a noise Input bearing I think. Due to a stack of excuses I have yet to fix it. Hopefully by the end of the month the Ranger will be in the shop again and I will get the tranny fixed/ I hope it can be fixed.

Any way the Radius arms are stock ends both sides. I choped off tie I beam abought 8"back from the clamp. Cleaned them well and built up the inside of the I with flatbar 1/4" at a time. When both sides were finished I drilled the sandwitch of flat,flat,flat, Ibeam,flat,flat,flat and welded 1/2" dowls (cut off bolts) through the sandwitch for insurance incase the forged arm decides to break at the weld. The sandwich was cit down at the ends so it would slide in the 2" dom, 1/4 wall of corse. Then i made the outside triangles you see in the pics for outside caps. Welded them on them the top was more 1/4" flat.

Honnestly the Duff arm would probably flex better, most likely safer and in the end would be cheaper if you figure time materials the close to 40 realy hot beads run on each beam building it. But hell it was a learning expirence.

Oh and those are the 1 ton cheby joints. I bought the kit from Ballistic Fab. Joints weld in bungs dom. The knuckles are reamed but un fortunatly with the lift they bind when the driver side droops. A problem that will be cured when i get my chevy outers drilled for high steer.

truck looks sweet! im totally copying your rear shock mounts!

Away to long

Hi guys and gals. I havent posted in quite a while. Not alot has changed Changed my stereo system, changed it again, and third time is a charm. Lost a clutch and an axle bearing. Mainly driving and turning heads.

Showed in a couple of shows, Brake N Limits in Selma NC in September (Took Best Offroad) and Freak Show In Kinston last month (Third in Mini 4X4). I got more pics with my Phone and I'll try to post them later.

car show 001.JPG