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Check THIS out! Walled 2nd Gen sport!


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LOL, so you think you can just brush off that you also have a supercharger on your rig?!?!? That's badass dude! I am super jealous. That's some complex brackets for those alts as well, you make it all yourself?

Haha, We were talking about stereos and alternators not motors.

Thats a horrible pic that photo was taken in the off season when i don't keep it spotless like i do for the shows.

Here are some of the build pics if you want to check them out

Unfortunately do to unforeseen circumstances i'm going to have to part her out since apparently its hard to sell a vehicle that has 60k in not including the original purchase price of the Ex. For a 20k asking price.

You put some serious work into your truck, mad props! It's pretty rust free for an IL truck though. That does suck man, sorry to hear that. Our trucks really don't have the value the used to have, that why I am running mine into the ground. I really don't have any funds now, but if you part it out what would you ask for the supercharger kit? I am seriously interested.

I was trying to sell the motor and charger since they were built and tuned together. It's a fully built 306 that with the 9lb puley put down 487 on the rollers

Damn, no expense spared. Send me a personal message with the details, I am seriously interested in the price is right, where are you located in IL?

no not at all it took a very long time for me to put it all together though and thanks again for all the kind words

LOL, so you think you can just brush off that you also have a supercharger on your rig?!?!?

My reaction scrolling through this:

Hmm, nice set up.
Interesting way to mount those alternators..
Oh, that bracket took some work, wait..