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Tow capacity who has pulled at 5,000lbs or more? And what should I do to prep/mod?

Why rely on wikis when we can go right to the CFR (40 CFR 86.1803-01 - Definitions and 40 CFR 86.1832-01 - Optional equipment and air conditioning for test vehicles.) Definition is "Curb weight means the actual or the manufacturer's estimated weight of the vehicle in operational status with all standard equipment, and weight of fuel at nominal tank capacity..." Note the word "estimated". I think the highest actual weight I saw was with 401A and moonroof, but when you want to play around at the limits, you have to confirm weight, not assume.

Conventional wisdom is to spec/purchase your trailer first and then spec/purchase a vehicle that can tow it (and leave yourself some margin for error as peter said, many like to use the 80% rule). Anyway, according to Ford, you are good to go up to the numbers they provided. I'm sure you can find more than a few people that will recommend royal purple or similar oil and trans fluid, probably even a larger cooler as I'm sure your trans temps are going to be high. But, you have a 2018 vehicle under warranty. Why would you want to change something and risk a potential warranty issue? I would probably just weigh the vehicle and trailer periodically and keep the receipts to prove I was within the limits in case something ever happened to the vehicle. You can add a gauge or just get trans temp info from scan tools/scan tool apps and a bluetooth OBD dongle.

Thanks. I have the extended sunroof so likely at the higher side of things. The vehicle was bought with the very high hopes that it could work this way because I don't need a 5th vehicle to add to my ever growing list.

It is my understanding that voiding warranty would void warranty only if the damage occurred due to that part. If you put on an exhaust and the water pump fails well the exhaust would not have done anything for that. Add a catch can and the Alternator goes out, we'll those are not related. Add a aftermarket trans cooler and the turbo goes bad. Still would be under warranty. But say change the down pipe and the turbo goes, or swap out for larger wheels and the wheel bearing or steering rack fail, or put a 3bar boost sensor and a tune and the motor blows up kind of things void the warranty. Is this not true?

They do say standard options. So the Sport model likely has some additional features that are over standard? But each trim level should be measured with stadard for their own unique curb weights?

Only way to know for sure is to get everything on a scale and see what you are really dealing with.

The 4900 weight was from the internet and didn't specify if it was dry or wet or with what options. My thoughts are dry and no options, so you may find yourself at or even above the GCWR if your vehicle weighs more and you have to account for a full tank of fuel.

I have a 3000lb utility trailer and it's fine on short trips around town, but not something I would enjoy pulling on the highway for any distance with a full load.

The weights were always base model with no options. Ford used to include one driver @150lbs but stopped that.. it is now, base vehicle with fluids and full tank of gas only. No people. So add the additio al weight of options, difference in ecoboost as well and th 20" rims.

I believe the base sport is considered its own model hence the 4901 curb weight which would be different from a base explorer (base/xlt/limited) which should have a curb weight of 44xx FWD and 46xx AWD.

They are most likely estimates as things can change throughout the model run with std features or packages or various components (VAVE or supplier change).

As far as warranty, you asked about tunes, which would allow an out on pretty much your entire powertrain warranty. A trans cooler should be okay, but could be an issue. As with anything, YMMV.

These are defiantly not 10,000 lbs vehicles no matter what Ford rates them at. 3500-4000 lbs trailer max and thats pushing it. 16 ft would be the max trailer length and thats pushing it. They would be fine with a 6' x 12'-14' trailer at 3500-4000 lbs and towing in mountains. Now if you were on flat ground and short tows you could more.
A 24 ft trailer NO WAY. You won't be able to see around the trailer if its more than 6 ft wide. Those stupid slip on trailer mirrors suck, ben there done that, and to my knowlege thats all thats available for the Explorer.
I had an all alumiinun 24 ft snowmobile trailer, 4 sleds at about 2000 lbs, trailer was 1500 lbs. for a total 3500 lbs and a brand new 2009 Silverado crew cab with tow package electric brakes and Z 71 packadge and you deffinitly that was back there. It was way better on an F250. There is no way I would have ever towed that with this Explorer.
Listen to what other people are telling you and get a van or a pickup or a large suv. Something with a full frame and 4.10 gears.
HOW MUCH IS THE SAFTEY OF YOUR CHILDREN WORTH! Do what you want, but it you DO NOT have a vehicle that can tow that size and weight trailer.