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When will Ford stop? Options Packages and your rights as a consumer.


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May 9, 2000
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Capron IL
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2001 F150
What is a luxury car? To me a luxury car is one with power everything, Leather, a nice sound system, a powerful engine, and a nice ride. I have driven almost every car made these days, from a Vega
to a Rolls Royce.
We have a Grand Marquis, and from all the cars I have driven, except for the Rolls, I like driving the Grand Marquis. It's large, roomy, and has plenty of power, and handles well. I've compared it to Lexus, and the others, and can't see spending the extra 10K for them, when I can get the same in a Ford/Mercury. I had a crown Vic before the Explorer, and even that was as well appointed as the others, plus IT KICKED ASS!!!

It had a cop package under the hood
It also handled well, the only car that ever beat me was a Vette. I never went against a Cobra GT, or Saleen, so I can't compare that. But all those others, DUSTED!!!!

OH and the stories about driving the highways in a car that looks like an undercover car.

97 Explorer XLT
Snorkless box W/ K&N Filter http://www.grandillusion.org/xlt.htm

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