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wont idle steadily.. tries to die

i've had this problem for over 2 years. not plugs, not iac, not battery, not alternator.

my heat does click sometimes... but here's a new one, try this:
when your truck's idling in park, rev it to 2 grand really quick and then just stop revving it. my truck shuts off.

it wont die unless i rev it, but it idles at about 600-500.

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I have a 91 Explorer XLT seem to be haveing the same issues as most with the idleing it keeps wanting to die and the idle is bounceing all over the place, i had for run a complete diag for the 90 bucks canadian and they said it was the o2 sensor, it was totally caked with soot. still had the same problems afterward though it helped a bit. since then i have changed most of the sensors and the catalytic converter still no improvement, the engine light is on and the only code i can read off it is o2, i am wondering if this could be a head gasket problem or a vaccume leak or if i should look into replaceing the computer module? any feed back would be appreciated!

If it is a vacuum leak:
I have found that by running some water around the engine while it is running will readily give a quick resulting stumble as you locate a leak. Be careful you do not suck in so much water you get a hydraulic lock.

i just joined so i could post a reply to your problem - i noticed your post while trying to find a solution to my problem...anyhoo mine was giving me fits until a few months ago ... would start after about 20 tries and then would spit and sputter and as soon as you touch the gas it would die . . . run fine for days then boom start doing it again...turned out to be fuel pump relay switch - $9 at autozone - just something else for you to check into that is a relatively cheap fix - it is located in the fuse box under the hood - kel

I have a similar problem, I believe it might be something with the tranny. In park it is normal, in gear the whole truck shakes.