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-XX- Paragon Run Late August


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February 24, 2000
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what happened to your explorer

Originally Posted by Blee1099
Karol, its probably a bad hub assembly.. Typical Explorer issue, I'm sure Adam or Todd can help out since they are all out in the Johnstown area. Hell give me the title to the truck and I'll fix it

You may have the title to the explorer now. It's just a burnt out shell.
Out of the goodness of my heart I gave my explorer to my son. Well, needless to say, my son won't be coming home till graduation because he is so scared of me wringing his neck. Thank god he wasn't killed. But , novice as he is, he tried going to a strip mine (in the dark ) and tried to do a hillclimb. (not sure if he even engaged the locker)... it rolled once with him in it, was teetering and he jumped out , afraid it was going to roll again (which it did- many times) it rolled 5-6 times more and landed on the roof and burst into flames. Yep when my son f*cks up, he f*cks up bad. 2 Firetrucks had to come out. Practically nothing salvagagable. So there you go scrap metal.

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March 3, 2002
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In other words, he was being a dumb ass.. Just remember Karol, no matter what he does you can't hate him forever. Hell all the times I got into wrecks or ended up in the hospital and I'm still alive and haven't been killed by my parents. Though my mom probably wanted to after I was in the hospital from being diagnosed diabetic.


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August 27, 2001
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I've still got mine, too! Granted, he can't really move anymore, but still! ;)


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January 6, 2000
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now in Raleigh,nc
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i wish i still had my 94 sometimes but i am glad that i am here, and i have been able to build another truck