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Want to know what size tire or wheel combo will work with your Ford Explorer or Ranger based vehicle? Interested in Beadlocks or Dubs? Learn all about them here.
Lift and tire size info for explorers Lifts and max tire and wheel sizes for explorers This is a quick reference guide I have put together based on information gathered from the Explorer Forum. Remember this is just a guide. You may have to do some fender trimming to fit these tires on your explorer. Others things can change what size tire you can run on your explorer. Like fiberglass fenders, rim width and rim backspacing.. I figured this would help some of you that were pondering what size lift to run what size tires.If anyone would like to add something go ahead and post it and I will add it to my list. If any of the moderators could make this a sticky that would be great. Hope this helps. 91-94 explorers. No lift- 31x10.50x15 on...
Lifts and Max tire sizes Ranger max. tire sizes Wheels: Offset, Backspacing, & Wheel Spacers Bolt pattern chart How to: Basic Tire Repair 101 The Definitive Wheel Stud Article Reprogramming For Tire Size and Gear Ratios Lug nut wheel torque specification chart Updated Chart: Max Tire Sizes With and Without Lifts
...This is a compilation of info and links I have found very useful on this site, including items I have learned over the years...Just my favorite links to the noted subject's...:D ...The wheel size does not make the tire rub...The tire and backspacing cause/eliminate this...;) ...The preferred size wheel for the Explorer and Ranger is, 15"x8" 5-4.5 with 3.75 Backspacing...You can fit up to a 12.50" wide tire on this wheel..:thumbsup: ...If you look at the tire size and lift charts here, they will give you the correct amount of lift needed for minimal, to no rubbing with the stock size wheels,(15"-16" tall)...A 15x10 wheel basically will give you a deeper dished wheel and usually, the back spacing size they come with will cause the...
This is kind of a safety issue that I've noticied a few companies are having. My brother bought some Eagle Alloys for his Ranger and had them installed at the shop I work at (I didn't work on it thankfully). Anyhow, few months pass and he was coming home from college and his right rear wheel almost fell off. The lugs somehow backed off. Now - there's no hard evidence that it was because of the wheels needing to be retorqued - but what makes it harder is that he was up at Virgina Tech the day before with a damn UVA sticker in his back window. Pranksters - maybe? Anyhow, so he bought a new wheel and he was good to go. Months later I had to go to a 4wd shop and get some lug nuts and I noticed at the bottom a disclaimer: So...
My mom just purchased a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer Premier last night. It has the stock 17 inch wheels. We want to upgrade to the biggest possible rim. What is the largest size we could go with??
Looking for Black lug nuts, not the locking tool required kind. 3rd gen Explorer, 1/2-20 size. @Turdle would the powder coating hold up? What type would you use if doing your own?
I drive a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport and I was wondering what the most aggressive look I could obtain was. I wanted to go with black rims and tires with a tough look to them, this would strictly be for visual effect and no off-road driving. I think I will also be doing a 2-inch TT with rear shackles and a 2-inch body lift. I live in Mass so the legal lift limit is 2-inch, but I can get away with the TT and shackles. I would like some suggestions please, hopefully with pictures, I am a very visual person.
Lets see who's wheels look the best! Post some Pics!
Offset and Backspacing When you bought your vehicle from the dealership, engineers have put long hard hours to calculate a wheel and tire combo that would work well with the vehicle. Calculating width, diameter, offset, rear spacing, offset, and much more. Most people think; "The bolt patterns are the same, let's bolt them up." That is where people finally find a problem. Some may fit, some may not, and some will look unsightly. Anyhow, those engineers designed a wheel that would distribute load evenly on the wheel bearings, clear the rotors and braking system parts, and also keep you from rubbing your frame or front bumper. So, well, how do you figure out which works best and what is what - just tell me what I need...
I searched. Im pretty bad at figuring the correct search terms to get what I want so here goes. I have a 2005 XLT. I like the BFG AT/KO tires. What will fit? I want to go as big as possible with no rubbing. It seems the stock tires pretty well fill the wheel well. Well, not fill it, but they dont look funny. show stock as 235/70R16. It looks like I can go to 255/70R16. Dare I go bigger? And any idea what that equates to when using the 30x9.5 measurment system? Thanks Steven
hey guys i just got an 06 explorer xlt v8, and im lovin it! i have 3 questions though on the stock suspension, what is the largest tire size i can fit without rubbing fenders or hitting the suspension/steering(or any other issues)? stock size is a 245/65r17. a 265/60r17 would be perfect but its a very uncommon size, but i dont know if a 265/65r17 will fit or not without any issues. what i would love is to put a set of 265/65r17 bfg all terrains on it also, with the larger tires, is it possible to re-calibrate the ecm to show the correct speed rating on the speedo? i've seen this done on some f150's, not sure if the same thing would apply here. if i can re-calibrate the speedo, how would i do it? do i need to use a ford scantool or...
Hey everybody, I went look at some custom wheels and had a few wheels that I like, but the seller told me that I would have to run a set of wheel adapters. The wheels didn't have the exact bolt pattern for Explorers. I've heard that most adapters are made of billet aluminum which pretty much unbreakable. I am worried about the long term effect on the suspension, since I've heard its hard on the front end. Also I dunno if the alignment would be impossible. I would like to hear everyone take on wheel adapters.
The original Hankook s were fine. but, are no longer made. Did a lot of research for replacements. Every tire dealer had a different idea. Very confusing. Finally decided to go with the Michelin Defender LTX M/S 255/50R20/XL 109H (the original tire size). My Ford dealer in Ayer, MA came up with the best price, but would not give me the 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee that ONLY Town Fair Tire over here in Leominster would (other dealers were also a no). I'm thinking --"I'm going to pay $1,172 for this and if I don't like them--tough bleep?". So, I took the Ford dealer's price thing over to Lois and Rick at Town Fair Tire and they said they would match the price even though they had to drop the charges on some things...
I had to pull the trigger on my Mounty, I'm trading her for a '13 Edge Sport. the sport comes with 22 inch wheels and I have some questions about how they will handle winter driving. Any advice for what size wheel / tire size combo I can pick up for running in the winter with out breaking the bank? Thanks
I got a 04 with steel wheels and just picked up some wheels off a 18. What lugs do i need?
Hey all, I'm looking to make my 2016 Sport AWD look a little more rugged and change the 20" rims to maybe 17" or 18" so I can put a more aggressive street/off road tire on. I live in Michigan and winters can be harsh. Has anyone done this? If so can you share pics and what is the max size tire I can put on without rubbing. I'm also considering lifting the front end up to level the vehicle out. Thank you guys, Hans
Good morning gentlemen. First time posting here. I just bought a 2003 explorer 4x4 to toy around with. It has brand new 265/70/16 cooper all terrains and I was wondering if any of y'all may be running these same tires with a small lift and if so, do you have pictures? I have 2 inch lift spacers but don't want to put it on if it will look anemic with that size tire on it. The tires are brand new so I can't justify getting different tires until these are at least a little worn down. Any info will help. Thanks in advance! Excited to start messing around with this thing! Phil
I have a 2003 ltd with the factory 17" rims. The truck is stock. I use it for work in the bush a lot and it has no clearance. Anyone know the largest tire I can squeeze on and how much clearance it would give me? My explorer is constanting dragging the suspension and drivetrain and I am going to have some damage soon. Thanks.
Getting ready to buy some bolt on wheel spacers, no,...not shim style. Just wondering what everybody uses on their sport tracs. Yes, i have oversized tires on aftermarket rims and a 3 inch lift.