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Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Post pictures and stories of your best...or worst mishaps here.
Hello all. As the member who this phrase was coined after, I believe we have enough members now to start making an actual board and sub-division of Serious Explorations. Therefore, I must lay down a few rules for the nominations and elections. 1. Anybody can be nominated that is a member of the roll over posse. 2. As a member though, consideration for election must be based on a few simple factors. 2a. Stupidity-Ie, getting hammered and trying to do doughnuts in a wash. Who was that? 2b. Ammount-Ie, number of times that any one person has had at least two wheels, of the same side of the vehicle, off the ground for more than, oh let's say 30 seconds. 2c. Dedication/Damage-Ie. The amount of damage sustained to the...
Here’s my problem. Stupid me went 4x4 in my STOCK!!! Explorer and got stuck in a swamp kind of creek thing. I don't really know what is but basically flooded grass. Its winter, about -13c and about 5 in of snow. So I broke through the ground and the wheels are in ruts and spinning freely. Ground level is the frame. How do I get out? What I have available to me is a Kubota L2800 (Ruffly the same weight if not alittle heavier then the truck) with plow and Front end loader. I have a 3/4 ton come along and a 2 ton hoist. Lots of chain, no straps. I am a one man show with no help. I have tried hooking a chain to the frame and the tractor and pulled from behind the truck and got nothing but spinning tires. I have tried lowering the...
Post your most stuck picture's here in this thread.
I have a 2009 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6 Liter, It over heated, I went to change the thermostat, I took everything apart and put the new thermostat in and o ring in put the cover on and installed the second bolt in the aluminum thermostat housing and snapped the bolt off, I tried drilling it out and didn't get it straight, and can not get it out. There is a black air nipple that attaches to the plenum right above the right bolt. Any suggestions or does anyone know where to purchase the aluminum lower thermostat housing, If so my email is [email protected]
I just got home from a ride with a good friend. I took the Explorer on a well graded gravel road, placed the mode selector in "Trail" and let it rip. I put my foot to the floor and got up to about 65. It worked like a charm the first time, digging in and pulling without any issues. Then I came to a stop and tried it again from a dead stop. Again, the Explorer bit in and accelerated hard up to 60+, but this time just as I got to the 60s, the Explorer began fishtailing BAD. Road conditions were the same, there was not a patch that was more slippery than any other. It was still well graded and smooth. As soon as I felt the fishtailing, I slowly let off the throttle so as not to upset the chassis, but that did no good, it was still...
So I worked on getting my 2k explorer instrument cluster switched over to leds. Dash was easy enough to take apart, Trust me I did twice. So first I only had one side work some like darn ok. But here's the kicker when I got the instrument cluster lose again I turned it over on its bottom, and saw the wonderful blue sharpie of a pick pull. Anyway to get the actual miles? Well I maybe over the 200k mark
Ouch!!! No details about the rollover or the passengers.
The wheel spacers is the high light of this video.
I found this today: start at 4:00 minute mark
Knicked one of the boardrunners on an old date palm ladder that came out of nowhere! Made a hole in the driver rear piece of the boardrunner 😭
I just got done watching a YouTube video. I think the guy is the owner/mechanic and his shop is called something like "South Main Auto". A guy who had a 2007 Ford Escape had his truck towed to the shop. He had just finished rebuilding the engine and no matter what he tried he could not get it to start. The mechanic began by cranking the engine over and found that it behaved/sounded normal. Then he removed the first of the 4 coil-on-plugs, which were new. He immediately noticed that there was no spring-looking thing that physically connected the coil to the spark plug. He then checked coils 2-4 and they were also missing the coil-to-spark spring thing. Next he checked the fuel injectors with a noid and found them to all be receiving a...
This may be the start of my goodbye for a while from this forum. I found this tree on my 2004 Explorer the other day and I bought a 2008 Expedition to replace it. I have a for sale sign on the old beast but I think I'm going to have to sell it to a junk yard. I have only posted in one thread but I have learned a lot from lurking. Thank you all.
I got stuck in my own yard Truck dozing knocking down some brush to make a road and some small trees I ran over log about 6"to12" in diameter not to mention a couple ethere ones they wore laying down as well one of them being at least 6 inches in diameter I have a 3600 pound Ranch I doubled it up it shorted and I think it's smoked checked itself or at least the relay did route the cableroute the cable on my hand which as well trying to pull myself out backwards I will send more pics of it tomorrow when there is more light and phone is chard
I’m an idiot. I have a 2018 Ford Explorer XLT with 36k miles. I was in the process of routing a wire from the engine compartment into the cabin. Based on space, I decided to drill through the firewall. Using a bit extender, I drilled from the engine bay side. I entered just to the right of the brake pedal (left of the brake pedal if sitting in the driver’s seat). All was fine except when I tried to locate the hole from the cabin. I could not easily see where I came through as there is a rubber gasket along the wall. I then tried to get a fiberglass rod through the hole, but the hole was slightly too small, so I grabbed another bit the next size up. This time when I ran the bit through the hole from the engine side, the...
I just recently pulled my 5.0 out of my 98 due to it running like crap, no power, and terrible fuel economy (well worse than a 5.0 usually gets). The truck got dunked during Harvey, but it still ran. Couldn't figure out the problem. Popped the oil pan and it was all clear then! :banghead: Yup that's parts of a piston in the oil pickup Piston (B) was very unhappy after colliding with Crankshaft (A) Piston #6 Piston #8 Yeah.... water and engines don't mix. :nono: