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Aux electric fan install questions

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by dhkmom48, July 23, 2011.

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    1. dhkmom48

      dhkmom48 New Member

      May 27, 2009
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      Delevan. NY
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      01 XLS
      Not sure if its going to work so I figured I'd ask here first.

      Anyone installed one on their Ex?

      After sitting in traffic on hot days for more then an hour the temp will creep way up, figured installing an aux electric fan may help some.

      Thinking of one mounted in front of the ac condenser/radiator pushing the air though the radiator.

      This is something I would have hooked to a switch to only turn on when needed.

      Do you think the fan may hurt more then help if it is blocking the front of the radiator?

      Do you think it will even work by pushing through instead of pulling air through?

      Any comments or ideas are welcome>

      Its a 2001 Ex with 4.0 auto 4x4
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    3. BrianDye

      BrianDye I'll have another...

      March 1, 2009
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      Monroe, MI
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      2006 XLT
      Many members have ditched the stock fan to go electric. Its not as simple as a switch to just turn it on though, they really strain the electrical system when first turning on.

      It shouldnt cause a problem for airflow though. I also dont see that it would hurt pushing air instead of pulling. May not be as effective, but im sure it would help a great ammount in traffic.
      Last edited: July 23, 2011
    4. 2TimingTom

      2TimingTom Well-Known Member

      October 12, 2010
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      Littleton, CO
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      Littleton, Colorado
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      '97 XLT
      Pusher fans aren't quite as good as puller fans, but it would work. And the fan wouldn't really be in the way at other times either- it will free-spin.

      When was the last time your coolant was changed? A little bit more water than coolant will actually cool better than more coolant than water.

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