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  • I HAVE 97 V8 EXPLOYER 302 when its cold runs good and after it gets hot you cut it off it cranks up run s and cuts right off after it cools it runs great anybody know whats going on
    Hi ? I have 91 exployer 2 door 4x4 5 speed i wrote the numbers off the trasmission can anybody tell me what they mean the numbers are a051286 and t17a and ra i need new trasmission after i had a cluch and all put in they said the front barring went out and tore it up after they put the cluch and all in can anyone help me find out what year and make will fit my wifes exployer i belive in my heart they missed up this cant prove it though i was told they didnt aline the cluch right cause a vibation and tore the barring up anyone know thanks rev herring
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lenoir nc
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1991 &1997
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