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  • in forward have all the shift from first to 5th and they change smoothly.took it to a trans shop and they told me that probably the reverse band was already bad and since to access to it have to took out the trans and all other clutches and bands and it will be betther to repair the whole transmission.
    Any advice or suggestions guys??

    I agree, at this point I would recommend it to be completely rebuilt.

    With every one of these we build at a minimum we install a complete overhaul kit, filter, all three bands, input sprag, both servos, valve in the pump and sleeve the case. Most of the time more items will be needed, it just needs to be inspected once its apart.
    For i was read a few minutes ago it seems that i have the same problem with my 2005 xlt explorer
    Transmission was wotking great and suddenly when i put it on reverse at my job the engine was revving but the truck was moving slowly on reverse . will continue in another post
    JK080 - I have a 2004 Ranger Fx4 with a 5r55e that appears to have ate the OD sprag (goes in 1 and 2, no D or R). I live close to Woodstock and it looks like you're in North GA. Do you have a business and would you quote a rebuild. I can pull the unit and deliver.

    Hello JK... New 15' Explorer owner here. How do I "PM'' other members on the forum? I cant seem to find the procedure on the forums anwhere. Thanks!
    welcome Atomikk, to PM someone click on their name and click on "Start A Conversation" from the window that appears.
    Hi Bruce, I typically dont do bench jobs without the entire vehicle, there is just too much that can go wrong during the install and there may be adjustments needed after installation especially on a vehicle that old. But to give you a idea of cost somewhere between 900 and 1300 depending on how bad it is.

    I see your a master Transmission Guy , How much do you charge to rebuild an a4ld . I have a spare case here that lost all forward movement and is missing a few parts on the shift linkage . Thanks Bruce .
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