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  • I am completing a v8 swap and I can start the engine. I was checking all functions and like eric (99sport) i am lacking flashers and hazard lights. I have done nearly everythins to chase this down. I know im missing somethins simple. can you please help. thanks in advance.

    nah man...appreciate the invite but my offroad days are likely over, i think. Still haven't fixed the 4wd, and i just can't put my truck through that anymore. I have too long a commute and rely on it to much to risk any major issues...
    Hey how's the ex running, i saw you the other day on my way to class.. looks funny with the stock size tires, Have you figured out if you wanna do the trim swap
    No go man. 4wd isn't fixed, and RC absolutely beats the hell out of my truck with all those rocky trails. I much prefer the sand trails of the Pines. Also, sad to say that I'm taking an extended offroad break. I have around $500 left in the bank after a rough month and having to pour $1,000+ into the truck to get it through inspection. I just cannot afford any broken parts. Plus now I'm training for the fire department and I really need to know I can count on my truck for my 40 mile a day commute and that.
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anything automotive or bikes

cars,drag racing,and of course 4-whellin
April 26, 1983 (Age: 40)
City, State
Wilmington, Delaware
Year, Model & Trim Level
98 5.0 Sport
Zip Code
Vehicle Specs
5.0 swap
Transfer Case
4406 manual
Front Axle
Dana 35 4:10
Rear Axle
8.8 4:10 aussie locker
warn 3.5" fogs and a 22" single row LED in the front bumper, flush mount led's in the rear bumper
33x12.50x15 MTR's
Heavy Equipment mechanic/ Welder
Cepek DC9 (i despise these wheels!!!)
Audio/Video and Navigation
Kenwood touch screen, infinity speakers all around, 2 12" Orion subs and amp
Sliders / Bumpers
custom front and rear bumpers


V8 and manual 4406 swap, aussie equiped rear, 2" TT, 3" body lift, 4 door leafs, add a leafs, 33 x 12.50 MTR's on Cepek wheels, custom bumpers front and rear made yours truly

98 Sport, 4.0 SOHC, Auto, 4x4, 2" bodylift, custom 2" shackles and 285/75/16's on Black Rock wheels